[Mobile][Desktop][Shuffle] Implement shuffle that works

Commenting from 2021.

Shuffle algorithm still sucks. Despite it has being "fixed" back in 2016 and again in 2018.

I have 2400+ songs on my list.

And right now I am listening for songs I've listened two days ago in the same order they came then.


It seems that it is stuck in a same queue forever. It has being randomised at some point, but when I switch between desktop and mobile (multiple times a day) it starts the same queue again? Or it just runs the same 50 songs round and round again?

There are songs I have not being seeng for months or longer. I expect shuffle to be truly random. When I am shuffling the playlist I expect the shuffle to cover whole playlist, not 5% of it to be repeated over and over again. If true random is too hard to implement (really?), sort the songs by last access date and pick something that has not being played for longest time. In a random order.

PS Looks like a small issue? It is irritating as **bleep**.
PSS No, I have no hard evidence on the matter, I hardly will log every song I listen to just to look for repetition patterns. It is enough that I remember I have heard that song while talking to my kid two days ago. And next one. And next one.

Sincerely yours, really **bleep** off paying client.