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[Mobile] Disable option for lyrics?

I mean I don't know I felt sad after seeing that lyrics came into Spotify and I don't know how to disable it. I mean it's better without looking up to lyrics from the app. I miss Googling lyrics you know.

Updated on 2022-06-24


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What is the point with lyrics to all songs? 

I never sing to the songs, i never look up lyrics.

Please let us toggle this lyrics feature off. It is really annoying.

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Updated on 2021-11-20

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Yes this!

Just noticed the change when i opened my Liked Songs playlist and saw that Spotify has the lyrics to like 90% of them. That's great.

But I don't need to see that when looking for a particular song. It just makes the whole playlist experience cluttered and annoying, especially for something i will never ever use. You have lyrics? Cool. But that's not why I was looking for a song.

Pretty please let me disable this?


this is hilarious


100% agree. In a list of tracks where some do and some don't have lyrics, the list looks really ugly and cluttered, the exact oppisite of good UI design. How this isn't a hidden or context driven is beyond me. It looks really bad. 


Spotify Lyrics are a nice addition for users that want them, but give us the option to turn them off like Canvas in the Settings menu. Personally I'd rather save the data/battery power. This would be less of an issue if I couldn't see the top of it peeking up under the progress bar (even without scrolling down) but as it stands Lyrics are just a neon-colored eyesore to me.


The lyric offering has to be disable-able. It's hideous (but not hidable!)


I agree. And for once, the ugliness is the least of my worries. What makes me mad is that when I want to change the song by swiping, the lyrics will slide up instead. Terribly inconvenient. 


While the new lyrics feature is fun I have found that it AGSRESSIVELY uses cellular data even when all of the current data saver settings are enabled. The ability to turn this feature off (or disable it when not connected to wifi) would be great. Until then I have to fully disable cellular data for Spotify.  


+1 Just let us simply turn them off at the buttom screen (where you can expand them) and keep them off until we turn it on again..


It's a shame Spotify thinks it's a good Idea to completely remove options like this and their discussion thread where you could discuss this change only shows "Access Denied".