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I listen to a lot of classical music a lot on Spotify, and I'm disappointed that Spotify makes things so difficult for me. For classical music listeners, "songs" aren't the way we organize our music. So changing the way "song titles" are displayed is essential.


Here's what happened when I tried to search for Mahler's 2nd symphony the other day. This is really crazy:




Clearly, they're not listening to their classical music loving customers.

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I totally Agree. 


Agreed. The layout of spotify just doesn't work for classical music, due to the number of renditions of the same music by different performers throughout the years. So displaying a composer like an "artist" doesn't exactly work when there are hundreds of albums under Mozart.

I would suggest listing classical composers in a different way, for example:

I search for Mozart, then there is a listing under his Artist page of the various collections of Mozarts work, which is most likely what I'm looking for as if I was looking for a specific rendition I would search for the performer. Then under each collection is the various albums which contain those pieces of music.

The system I suggested wouldn't be perfect either, but there is certainly a need to dispaly classical music in an alternative way.

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Marked as new idea and edited the idea to let it focus on the request about better displaying long titles on mobile devices. For your other suggestions, please create separate suggestions. 😉


The need for complete title is obvious not only for classical music.


Yes! It's a nightmare if you are a classical music fan (and other genres, I suppose!)

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The OP has a perfect screenshot describing the problem. Spotify, please address!


We really need this critical feature for the mobile app. Otherwise, a lot of classical music fans will be very disappointed.

Yeah +1 Furthermore: a bookmark when stop listening an album. Would be nice to start with the Same song even if i switch between different albums
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Searching for a particular aria in Bach's St. Matthew's Passion yesterday, of course finding that it's impossible to do this with Spotify's mobile app



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What if you turn your phone on landscape mode ? I know it's annoying, but it can be a temporary solution 🙂