[Mobile] Let us choose the cache storage location

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I have no idea why the option to choose the storage location was removed but I and others would like it back please. Currently, the storage section in spotify settings looks like this:-


Updated on 2021-05-20

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Sorry if I wasn't clear in my original post but I was solely referring to android mobile and my post is not related to the inactive idea you linked to as I wasn't asking about folder selection but a choice between internal storage and external SD card as it has been for years.


I agree, it used to be right there! I dont know why they would remove such a vital, essential feature......


I am on the latest version and I have the option. Is it a A/B test?


I also still have this option on the latest version. Seems insane that they would remove it so soon after increasing the download limit. I might lose my mind if they do get rid of it.


So  I updated Spotify, hoping to have my storage on SD card. By definition I have small internal storage, and now I can't even save music, because of your update at all! Spotify, this must be not an additional option, but main point to give comfortable UX to your users (who pay you money, by the way). Now what I see, that you're taking away the ability to use one of your main premium-advantages for me, and that sounds very stupid, looks like I'm paying for nothingScreenshot_20190106-083132.png





Spotify, we need the this option to store in our sd card


I have Samsung Galaxy A3...16GB storage. 

With just a few apps I have about 600mb remaining.  I can't download anywhere near as much as I would like. I need to be able to download and store the songs on an SD Card. It is a "Work phone", so streaming is not an option (unless on wifi) and especially when travelling. 

Regardless of the interest from other users,  It is a very worth while feature to implement. It may be free missing feature that means you are missing/ losing customers. I'M FRUSTRATED!


I'm on a moto x4 and the storage selection still isn't available, I really don't need more space but it is just useful to actually have app rather than just music on my phone


Still no reply ... What the **bleep** am I paying for?