[Mobile] Lyrics, dont need genius bar


I hope you are doing well. And yeah lyrics feature on the Spotify mobile app is actually not what we were expecting it to be. The genius bar only shows the lyrics of the song partly. So if you implement a new lyrics system. It would be even greater

if it is placed at the bottom right near the song's name. Hope you read this and implement it 🤗


Thank you,I was going to suggest that. Sometimes I just wanna sing along but don't know the lyrics. 

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Yeah, bro. You are right. I too sometimes cant sing along with it. I have to use shazam, say your friends to vote it then it will happen


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They're Testing It In Some Countries.

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Updated on 2020-04-02

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I love the idea of an easier way to view lyrics. I have seen other music platforms that give you an option to fill the whole screen with lyrics so you can read them easily and I would love that option. 

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