[Mobile] Main Menu as Sidebar and not at the Bottom

Why is it now at the bottom below the song that's now playing? It's taking up 1cm of the screen. Now it's harder to have an overview over all the song in Playlists. Please add at least an option to remove it from there! Or at least to only show this bar with a swipe from the bottom up, I think that would be great.
I know I have a big device where it doesn't really matter, but there are a lot small devices out there.
And the new menu is really annoying to use if you are used to other apps.
Please also read the comments below, there are a lot of great ideas :)

Updated on 2019-08-29



Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (100 Kudos per year). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

If you think this is an idea which needs to be implemented, you're welcome to post it in a slightly different form :)


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This is Android, and Android fans including me are very sensitive about this. I totally agree that the new UI looks like the iOS version. I hope Spotify will listen to us and at least give an option to switch to the old look.


For me it is the same. I don´t like the new menu bar and the different behaviour in comparison to other Android apps. Please bring back the sidebar menu or at least the option to choose. Thanks.


I actually think this update is great.  I've got the Google Pixel and the reach is perfect because of the large chin on the device.  I think it makes everything more easily accessible especially with one hand.


I agree. My wife has an iPhone and she has had this for months and I've hated it since she's had it. I was hoping they just weren't going to do this to Android. The old UI was so much better


The app should reflect Android UI design by default and should have the hamburger menu on the left.  It's dissapointing the the app doesn't follow material design standards.


I wouldn't mind an option to move the menu in the settings


Please revert to the old design.

I even told friends to update to new version because of the design.


Props to you for trying something different, but this just seems to not work out well.


I do agree on the majority here. Google's made the material design standard in Android, and loads of apps are also placing hte menu on the left or right as a drawer.

Where the current bar menu may feel at home for iOS users, the drawer is the same for android users.


Of course a drawer gives more space, so nexting options (like the settings in My Library > Cog Icon) can just be placed in the drawer, making the app easier to navigate, placing more options in places where people expect them and so on.

Maybe make the settings option in the drawer a fixed option on the bottom, add the 5 current items from the tab bar from the top, then add a small update stream or recommended songs in the drawer menu if 6 options feels too empty? Maybe have users pin favorite playlists to a "quick access" list in that drawer.


As you see, switching to a drawer gives loads of flexibility and options taht allow more screenspace for the user to browse their music, even on smaller screens or with bigger font settings.


I do like the bar on the bottom better, since it is one tap less for me to get to my songs, which is the most accessed thing for me. I understand that other users dislike this though, so I think they should add a setting where you can chose where the bar/menu appears\


You could handle it this way: The drawer menu is added and through the options you can show the bar on the bottom. if the bar is being shown, the drawer menu no longer lists the options accessible on the bottom bar.


I don't mind that the bar is at the bottom, but it's now inconvenient to do what was already annoying tasks. For exapmle, I often use offline mode when I'm driving/not on Wifi so I don't use up all my data and going thru the settings to do that was already difficult with the hamburger nav. With the old hamburger nav, I knew to tap on the hamburger menu (my universal menu symbol) and looked for the cog at the bottom of the screen. The cog itself was easier to spot since there was nothing in between "My Library" and the settings cog (which, unless my memory is wrong, was a decently sized icon).


Now trying to access settings with the new nav, I have to go to the bottom bar and look for "my library" (since I haven't found an easy way to get to settings with the redesign), and then look for the tiny cog at the top of the screen for settings with all that song/album/etc clutter in between the cog and the bottom nav. That's not an intuitive setup and getting to the settings already has a lot unnecessary mental gymnastics without having to incorporate a new nav that complicates this. 


Don't forget that my main issue with this is because I'm trying to toggle online/offline mode to not eat up my data, which means I'm probably not stationary somewhere (which, if I were, I'd be on a wifi network somewhere will have toggled the thing to use online mode).

Like I said, I don't mind the nav at the bottom, but I think it's vital to add an icon that allows users to quickly access settings without having to go through all the clutter. Or at least adding some functionality to the menu key (I have a Samsung Galaxy s4, yes, I know it's old) that would pop up settings as an option (if other phones have this key still). I would love an icon that toggles online/offline mode, but I know an icon for the settings to the bottom nav is, I would assume, extremely vital.


UI design fail! (Again…)


It's taking up massive space. The screenshot in the OP is mild – my Xperia Z5 Compact has a 4.6" screen (boo to the massive phone monsters some people are lugging around these days) and the top bar, now playing bar and new menu bar now take up about a third of Spotify's screen real estate at all times. It feels extremely cramped, and I can now barely see six tracks in a playlist at once – three when I'm in landscape mode. And the row height in playlists already felt unneccessarily big.


The new bar contains information that is most of the times static and largely irrelevant, so it doesn't warrant taking up that much space. Most people probably very rarely switch between the different areas, and for those cases opening a menu is fine. A constant indicator of which area you're in doesn't seem helpful at all.


Also, the pop-up notifications haven't been adapted accordingly. For instance, when adding a track to a playlist or the queue, the notification will now obscure the currently playing track information. It's click-through, fortunately, but seems like a very obvious blunder nonetheless.


Finally for now, it makes the position of elements like the settings screen highly unintuitive. That I ended up finding the settings button in the Library section made no sense to me at all.


By the way, I loved that Powerpoint comparison on the first page of the thread!