[Mobile] Main Menu as Sidebar and not at the Bottom

Why is it now at the bottom below the song that's now playing? It's taking up 1cm of the screen. Now it's harder to have an overview over all the song in Playlists. Please add at least an option to remove it from there! Or at least to only show this bar with a swipe from the bottom up, I think that would be great.
I know I have a big device where it doesn't really matter, but there are a lot small devices out there.
And the new menu is really annoying to use if you are used to other apps.
Please also read the comments below, there are a lot of great ideas 🙂

Updated on 2019-08-29



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Please bring back the old design. I've chosen an Android phone because I really dislike the iOS design. Why would you implement a iOS interface on a Android device?! it feels very unnatural.


yes please put the menu back to the left. the menu on the bottom is so annoying and inconvenient

Casual Listener

Well instead of being on the left or right side navigation will be much better for people like myself who are right-handed assuming Spotify put this across the whole bottom so that both right-handed and left-handed people could be accommodated


 I love it. If anything make it possible to swipe it away. 



This new design looks terrible. Implement Material design on Android! 


 Its blacklivesmatter, cop hating, and reverse racism season again and look what music company still refuses to even speak to its own concerned customers


I just read a newsletter from the developers of another mobile app I use regularly, and they announced an upcoming, major improvement to the UI of their iOS versions. I thought this was really funny, guess what they're going to do?

  • Remove the toolbar at the bottom, to create more space for your actual collection list.
  • Move all commands and view settings to two "slide-in" menu's on the left and right.

Boing! I guess that's what you conclude when you actually think about what people use an app for =D (the apps in question are the CLZ collection management tools).


On another note, I was slowly getting used to the bottom menu bar thing, or rather, was no longer annoyed by it as much. I wouldn't have thought it could be made any worse, at least, but they found a way! The bottom bar now slowly slides out of view when you switch to the Now Playing view. So the bar is now indeed hidden on the screen where you don't really need the extra space (no additional information shows up, there's just more spacing), but still there where the space might be useful. And thanks to the animation, I now sometimes miss the button I want to hit because it's moving around as I try to catch it. Brilliant.

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Hey everyone, thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange with your feedback around our Android app. We're marking this ideas 'Not Right Now' but this will still be open for more votes and comments. If anything around this changes we'll let you know here. Thanks everyone!

Sad. Very, very sad that Spotify has ignored the voices of their users.
It's also sad that I have to use an outdated version to get the
functionality from the app that I want. Make me think of looking for
Spotify alternatives.
Why was this changed to not right now?