Mobile Message Conversations or "Chat"

On the mobile app their needs to be a conversation/chat style messaging interface with Spotify friends like on the desktop version of Spotify. One where you see a list of all the friends you have been sending and recieving messages/songs with and you can tap on someone and see all of the exchanges between you and them and have a place to type text and send to them.  Pretty much a more chat oriented setup rather than just an in/outbox.   In addition to this would be the ability to send Spotify friends plain text messages with no song attached to start a conversation/chat.  By bringing these features of the desktop version, these features that allow you to connect with your friends and followers more actively and easily, over to the mobile app, the social experience will be much more enjoyable, versatile, and make you feel more linked with your companions.  After all music is much more enjoyable with others.

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