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My idea is that there could be a setting for a "permanent audio focus" in Spotify in which the app will ignore all other audio sources and will not be interrupted. This would mean starting a game, watching a video, etc. would not stop the music from the Spotify app. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to listen to David Bowie as I play my Space Agency game or listen to the Ratatouille soundtrack as I watch how to make an omelette ;) Obviously some people might not want this, so it would be a setting to be checked or left unchecked depending on whether people wanted Spotify to have a permanent audio focus on their device.

This idea stems from the fact that I listen to music constantly but am often interrupted when I want to see a short video about making omelettes or play a game where the little sound effects force Spotify to turn off. One example of this feature being implemented in another app is seen in Musixmatch; I am basically describing exactly what they did with their app. Of course I could just play my Spotify through the Musixmatch app and keep the permanent audio focus there, but I'm not a fan of the Musixmatch player for Spotify, and I'd much rather keep my beautiful/highly functional Spotify UI and daily mixes + radio stations.

Hopefully there are some of you who think this is a good idea and not just a waste of time :) And although this probably won't be a huge priority for the dev team, I'm wholeheartedly convinced this will make Spotify a stronger, more useable music app.

Thanks so much for your time!!

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Some games/apps steal AudioFocus again and again with each input.


PlayerPro for example also has an option to disable "Permanent Audio Focus Loss", enabling it to keep music playing in all cases.


A similar solution for Spotify would be greatly appreciated!

Casual Listener

Just wanted to listen to some music on headphones and play some CoC on my iPhone and each action within the game interrupted the playback again though the sound within the game was turned off...

really no fun for music lovers :/


I love to listen background music when listening to audiobooks. So option to ignore other app's audio focus would be realy nice;) Also own gain control (system independent) would be great in that situation;)


 +1 because there is no other workaround on a Huawei phone with Android


Please, please please DO THIS SPOTIFY! I like to mediate on texts while listening to music. It helps my memorization and augments the caliber of the experience.


Casual Listener

Just makes sense, so yeah, Definitely.


 YES! If I want to keep listening to my music!


I really need this 


How is this still not an option? Literally every other audio and video app I have has this.