[Mobile][Other] Bring back the countdown/elapsed time of a song on the Apple watch app

Spotify app used to have a countdown (or elapsed time) of a song played. This feature has been recently removed. As many of the fitness instructors mentioned in this post ( https://community.spotify.com/t5/iOS-iPhone-iPad/Spotify-app-on-Apple-Watch-iOS-13-or-watchOS6-0-doe... ), we use the spotify app to teach a fitness class. It helps us to keep track of the time and when to start counting down. I can see this feature being an important feature to the spotify community and a differentiator with other music streaming provider. Personally, this is my reason to pick spotify over apple music. Please consider to bring back this feature.  

Please vote below to bring back this feature.


Updated on 2020-10-30


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Yes. PLEASE Spotify! This feature is vital for fitness instructors. 

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Added my vote. Hopefully this can come back ASAP, why it was removed boggles my mind.  Couldn't have been conflicting with anything and obviously people needed it. 


Please bring back the countdown! 


Being able to see the countdown on my Apple Watch was the only reason I liked using Spotify while teaching my group fitness classes. I've felt so lost without it I've gone back to using other fitness music apps while teaching 😫


Yess!! Please bring back the countdown!!! Needed for teaching fitness classes and makes our job 10 times easier!!! #BringBackTheCountdown Please bring back! 


Agreed! This is very frustrating for fitness professionals. I bought the Apple Watch in order to assist me while I'm teaching classes and now I just see the Spotify name instead of the song countdown. This feature is so important to me. Please bring it back!


Yes, I used this feature when teaching yoga classes. Please, please, please bring it back. 


PLEASE bring it back.  

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This is by no means a new idea; Spotify removed this feature from the Apple Watch companion app with no real purpose.

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Can confirm that on the latest version of the Spotify app, the time is back and there is also now a bar showing the elapsed time, shown right below the don’t title and artist. Glad to have this feature back and in an even better form.