[Mobile][Other] Maps Integration With Car Thing

It would be so helpful if the Car Thing could display directions from Google Maps as well as serving as a spotify-specific terminal. The integration is already there with Google Maps so I feel like this should just be a quick additional integration. Perhaps one of the preset buttons could be used to switch between navigation and music, or you could use Hey Spotify show me navigation.

Updated on 2022-06-28

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From reading the responses and seeing other people do the same insane research I have to discover this board is awesome! I think it proves to show how desperately people would enjoy this feature, if they went through multiple methods to see if navigation even exists. cheers y’all!


THIS!!! It would make car thing go from great to perfect!


Hey y'all show your support, get us more votes and they might do it!!


Bumb. This feature is needed to make the product more popular and useful.