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The equalizer in Spotify works just great! With the help of it you can set the perfect settings for the speakers to use. It's just one problem - one often use the same source (eg mobile) in several different speakers where the settings you have set are not always ideal. My wish are as follows; that you can save different equalizer settings, and navigate between them. Hopefully there are some more who agree with me about this.

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


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I would even be more powerful if you did not have to choose the eq setting but have it automatically adjust based on device it is connected to. (i.e. when I connect to bt in my car automatically use those settings and when I use my headphones use those settings)


Would love this too - the manual EQ controls on the Spotify App are great, but it would be nice to save custom ones. As some other users have suggested, this would be super handy when alternating between car, hi-fi etc. Please, please Spotify! 


 This request has shown up multiple times in spotify but keeps getting declined.  I really think its time Spotify adds the ability to save EQ settings. 

I, like most people, use spotify in my car and on my home stereo and on a few different pairs of headphones. 


Been a paying cutomer for 3 years now. This is my only serious request.

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+1 for different EQ settings per device and auto switching. I posted a duplicate idea without knowing about this one: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/Mobile-Other-EQ-per-device/idc-p/1559990#M35255


I don't often vote on petitions in the community, let alone comment. But I truly believe this would be one of the greatest updates for us audio savvy people. 

I have a really good ear for choosing a fabulous levels and if I could save a preset for a song/album/speaker it would allow me to relax while listening to music, otherwise I'm spending half the song trying to set the EQ. Actually, I would mind a few more ranges to adjust if you would consider adding that in, I just want to get that music perfect ;)


its not a hard idea to patch in and it would really appeal to your audience, after all Spotify do pride themselves on High Quality music.

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This setting is sooo necessary. Not sure why Spotify has not implemented it. 

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Help spread the word so we can get enough likes to catch Spotifys attention. I would assume that there is many more than us who would like this function.


Send the support team emails with a link to this post. I have already sent a few, if we can show that the support is there and dedicated then I'm sure we can get this implemented 

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How do I contact them?