[Mobile][Other] New Update Problems

The new update is terrible. 




1. The artist page is not in alphabetical order

2. Liked songs playlist holds only liked songs, not albums saved.

     It should be understood that if I save an album I like those songs. I do not need to go and like each song individually. 

3. Recently played should be brought back

4. There is a lot of glitches with not downloading music I requested to download.

5. It is way too hard to find the music you just downloaded. 


Please return to the old version or find a way to fix these problems. 







PREACH! IT SUCKS! They need to change it back!!!

Casual Listener

Totaly agree!!!!


Honestly I avoided any download for MONTHS now cause I've seen other layouts from the one I had. Unfortunately my app crashed I had to uninstall and reinstall spotify, unwillingly updating the app. I just about cancelled my subscription when I saw it wasnt in alphabetical order.  I honestly can not believe someone allowed that to happen. Out of all the absolute ridiculous updates like taking away recently played to making it a treasure hunt to finding the song you just downloaded, this takes the cake. 


This is a LIBRARY. Remember? Library's are alphabetical.  It's not a bargain bin at Walmart. 

Casual Listener

All i want is the old recently played tab back. But i hear you on the liked songs thing as well


Pls change back or I’m going to another platform. This is a deal breaker. 

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