[Mobile] Popularity Column with Stream Count

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In some other platforms, when you open the album, each individual track is rated by how many times its played/downloaded.  That always gives a good starting point for someone looking at a new record or artist and is something that I feel is sorely missing in this current platform. 

Updated on 2021-08-24

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It would be great if you could somehow put "number of hits" on songs.


For example, in an album, you could add a mechanism that shows the relative popularity of songs. Itunes has that with bars showing how many have downloaded. It would help us find really good songs in albums because most albums have just a couple of good songs and the best way to find out is by checking out whats popular.


This would make browsing really good and it wil be easy to find the best songs instead of wasting time on unpopular ones.






We have a very similar system when searching in Spotify.


Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 7.16.16 AM.png


Hi David,


Sorry I dont use the desktop app much. The iPad app doesnt have this feature. It would be great if it does.


Maybe you could have the same right beside the "duration" field.







This popularity bar would be really useful in the Playlists I create, it seems to disappear when you add an album to your own playlist. It is actually a really useful feature as I use Spotify Radio to play tracks based on other tracks I love. When I find new artists, it helps give an overview of their music and also what to try first. This disappears though once you're out of the search results and into a playlist. Why do I put them into playlists? Well I use my mobile a lot as you can imagine, I research stuff on the desktop home/work then put albums into playlists and make the entire playlist/album available offline.





PS. Fantastic software overall 🙂

Please add this feature! It is very useful on the desktop app in getting the gist of a new band's sound. The strange lack of this on the mobile app is my only complaint.



I just logged on to this forum for the first time to make this point but it looks like I've been beaten to it.


I love the popularity feature on the desktop App and would love it to be considered for a future iOS update.


I find it the best way judge/find new music and being able to do mobile would be great!




So I've noticed the popularity bar is gone, it would be nice to see the back again. Anways I supposed it's been replaced with the thumbs up bar, it would be nice to see this on the mobile app, or something similar to this on the mobile app. 

I'm not sure why the popularity bar was removed from Spotify. I find it very helpful especially when tapping on a soundtrack of a broadway musical, or movie to see which songs from the soundtrack are actually songs and not just spoken word or instrumental or just score, not actually a song.
I dont know why this isnt already a feature but adding it would make a huge improvement for a lot of users. Im guessing it wouldnt be too hard as the play count is already available on the PC app. Thanks!

Hello! Is streaming using VPN counted?