[Mobile] Re-arrange song "..." index options

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Not generally one to post feedback but this seems like a UX/UI error that should be addressed.


When I open an album and select "..." next to any song on that album, the first few options include "Hide Song" and "Remove From This Playlist" if that song is within a playlist. I recommend moving those down a few options to prevent users from inadvertently deleting or hiding a song they actually intended to share or add to a playlist.


I made this error and had to scour the internet using only my memory of the album art and the first word of the song title (which was in Portuguese) to recover a song I accidentally removed from a playlist. 

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YES. This is genuinely a huge pain point for me. The first option used to be "add to playlist" (which I use frequently), now it's "hide song". I couldn't tell you how many songs I've accidentally hidden - it's driving me crazy. 


Yeah, I am accidentally hiding songs that I love. 


Very disappointing experience. 


Placing this button at the top is making me hate the app, the number one function I use when exploring new songs is adding to playlist, not sending songs to limbo, there is already a function for that called next song.


Having it at the top makes it far too easy to misclick it.


If you really want to develop the app, then make the menus modable by the user, that way everyone can be happy.







yes pleeeeeaaaasseeeee... I keep hiding songs I like and I actually wanna add to a playlist!


Fully agree. Worst placement. I would never use the button, but to have it at the the top next to "add to playlist" button is very frustrating.


I am having this problem too, I want to like and add a song to playlist and end up hiding it- never to be reversed or found again! Please put it further down in the options list, or like others have suggested required confirmation. 


Does they invest in usability testing at all? This is just the latest in a string of usability issues in the last few updates. The app is just so annoying to use right now. I've lost count of how many songs I've just lost cus I tried to add it to a playlist and hid it instead, never to be found again.



It seems a little obvious to not put the 'destroy' button at the very top. 


Too many times have I been using Discovery Weekly, which I love, and I'm enjoying the heckkk out of a new song so I excitedly go to add the song and whoops its gone forever becasue bad UI... and yeah slight user error... but cmon..


Thank you devs! 🙂 


Couldn’t agree more. The positioning of the “hide” feature is a huge UX oversight, I’ve already unintentionally hidden great songs.