[Mobile] Search Bar Always Visible

So I thought that this can solve a lot of unnecessary clicks. Everytime I'm on an album or a song, I  have to:


1. Open the menu

2. Click the search button

3. Type in my query


Instead of just:


1. Type in my query


I think it's pretty much a no brainer. Please upvote to have less friction and faster search results.


I've made a mockup for preview. The search bar is a great solution, I hope I see it on the Android app soon.




Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-01-01


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Welcome to The community :) Well this is a nice idea to make The using of spotify much easier. To get this done You need to get kudos On this Post :) Good luck
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great idea i support you bro!


Easier searching in the app definitely deserves a kuddo, but I'm not sure if you draft shows the best way to do so.

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I loved this feature when I was using Google Play Music. Would absolutely love to see this aded into the IOS version, as well.


It's more frustrating when you have to go back from within multiple playlists before you can search for anything, and then when you have, you lose your place of where you were.

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Also please add this in the iOS app. Thank you!

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Add me to the easiest thing to add Spotify is best but this is only a big fail come on Spotify
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This is one of the small things that drives me nuts - when I have to go back 3-4 steps to be able to reach the "SEARCH" icon...it could be easily implemented in the corner of the screen and be accesible all the time.


C´mon Spotify, you can do this ! 


It's a real mission to get back to search (currently only accessible on the top level menu) on Spotify mobile app (iPhone 6 plus). Can be very frustrating!

In my opinion, good apps should always have the search option quickly available.

See: AppleMusic, eBay, Amazon, Soundcloud, YouTube, IMDB, Vimeo - all the big dogs!

Get on it Spotz (don't make join the hideousness that is AppleMusic)! x