[Mobile] Simpler UI for the Queue

I never understood the way Spotify was designed to play music. It's extremely unintuitively designed to handle music queue.



1. Here's the music queue. If you move a track up, it'll go to  UP NEXT section, not really sure why you need that and not just simply add to the queue.

2. Can't easily slide song to the side to remove from the queue, have to pick it and click delete.

3. No way to fast forward, so have to go back to song page.

4. No way to see previous songs in the queue; you're out of luck if you want to play song again few tracks ahead.


I've been using Play Music as my primary streaming service and now using Spotify as my primary(I used it occasinaly before the switch) for my reasons. Play Music lets you do all that, pretty straightforward and makes sense but with the Spotify it just a big mess to me. Maybe I miss some key points, in this case I hope you'll guide me.


I like few Spotify features but I can see a huge chunk of flaws in UX besides the queue. So why not make it more simple and straight forward?

Updated on 2017-05-26


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