[Mobile] Spotify Tracks as Ringtone

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Why wouldnt we be able to have the songs we love as ringtone?
We have to download it to make it ringtone. So if we're gonna download it from anywhere else, why are we using spotify?

Updated: 2017-03-06

Thank you for your idea @saidor. Spotify doesn't allow users to download the songs to your phone for your person use. You can download it to be offline within the app, but can't use it for other features such as ringtones. Thanks!

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Updated: 2016-02-15

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉
This idea is a re-post of this inactive idea.


It's not the same type, of download. Spotify's downing is more, of a cloud based one. It is not a file, like a downloaded song, from iTunes, where it's your own. You can't access the songs, that you download, for offline mode, in your files. So, you can't upload them, into, another application, that allows cutting, of songs, to make ringtones.

Please make this a feature! What an amazing idea. It would be great for Spotify, and its users would be so impressed. If I can get an app to change my keyboard and whole phone theme settings, I don't see why Spotify couldn't have access to my settungs and change my ringtones

This along with the ability to use a song in my alarms. It feels dumb not to be able to do that...


I'd like it as a premium feature as well...

It's supposed to be a feature for premium members. Otherwise you have to get the content from another platform and if you have it why you pay for spotify? Of course there are more benefits of it but that's a big missing one.

You could make this ideia just for premium accounts, this way you guys have more people buying! And we premium listeners could have more features. Once we can listen to the songs offline, you guys can make the same system for ringtones.... COME ON!! this would be wonderful!


yesterday i found an amazing soundrack belongs to a movie and searced for it on spotify to make it ringtone. then i realised that my spotify couldnt do that. decided to buy the full album from i tunes yet still paying for spotify and swear i did. now what we should do to make it real? come on you know thatd be great!


It's a great idea! 


I agree and believe that it should be available. The whole idea of ringtones through iTunes is artistic rights, and for premium Spotify users should be an option to save and edit to a ringtone library that syncs with the iPhone’s settings.

If I’m not mistaking, it is a feature available by Apple Music on iPhones. 



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