[Mobile] Use Headphone Buttons to control Spotify

Hi, I'm Oscar, from the Netherlands. And I'd like to introduce a new feature on Spotify for Android, which is actually not that new.


What do we need?

Many headphones/headsets have in-line buttons on them. On many phones and apps, these buttons can be used as a music-remote. Most headphones have 1 button, with multiple functions:

  • Press button once: pause/resume music
  • Press button twice: next track
  • Press button three times: previous track, or restart currently playing track.

This feature is already available on Spotify for Windows Phone and iPhone. Other music-apps on Android such as Deezer, Youtube and Android's default music player also support the feature.


What is the problem?

Spotify on Android does not support this (pretty basic, but handy) feature yet. :'(


How could it be solved?

If Deezer can do it, you can do it too. 🙂 There must be some sort of code/API in Android for this feature, which I think only takes a few minutes to insert into the Spotify codex.


It would be very nice if Spotify could add the feature to their Android app.

What do you guys think about this feature? And, most importantly, do you want it too?


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


Many Headphones already offer the functionality to work with Spotify when clicking their Buttons.

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In my Android, I have the play/pause (one click) and foward (2 clicks) commands, but I really miss the back/repeat songs (3 clicks).



This kind of works currently with android spotify on my phone, but it isn't consistent.  Sometimes it'll work flawlessly, from within or without the app.  Even on the lock-screen/off-screen state.  But then other times, it will refuse to work unless I first unlock my phone.  Then even other times, it won't work after unlock, forcing me to go to the spotify app.  Then in the worst cases, it won't work there either, unless I first hit the play/pause on-screen button to start/stop playback first.  Then the hardware button on my ear buds will work.  Very annoyingly inconsistent.


Anyone else have this problem?  I'm using the stock buds that I got with my phone (galaxy s7).


Yes, please! I use an FM transmitter to play from my Android phone to my car stereo. I need it to work smoothly because I'm driving and don't want to be distracted. When I press the play/pause button on the transmitter it almost always starts playing from DoubleTwist, unless I start Spotify first on the phone. Taking the phone out of my purse and fiddiling with it is a big hassle I don't need while I'm driving.


I would love a configuration option in Spotify to make it the default music player for receiving those play/pause clicks. Thanks!


Agree. It's really annoying having to take the phone out of your pocket to go to the next song.

In my case (Galaxy On5) the double click for next song and triple click for previous song don't respond when the phone is locked. Volume and play/pause do work even with the screen locked.

Extremely basic/cheap feature with huge impact in my opinion.

Hope you can put this on your top priorities based on it's huge benefit/cost.



I'm disappointed that Spotify doesn't have this feature, so disappointed.


And ... Few years later the rewind function is still not there.


 YES!! I'm begging for this "feature"


I can skip ( double click) but I the triple click wont work on me. 


Android 6.0

Asus ZenFone Max 3 5.2


This comment is two years old. Has Spotify fixed this issue yet? I would love this sort of control for my app. I hate Google music and love using Spotify