[Mobile] Use new Playlist UI for the whole App

The current UI in the rap caviar playlist looks super cool and you guys should definitely move that UI for the entire application. Waiting to see this change


Marked as a new idea 🙂

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Yes please! I posted this as well it just aesthetically looks so good. I hope Spotify considers it!!!

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I agree. It would be really cool, but only because with this style you can see artwork before you even played the certain song. The other feature, (zoomed cover picture) is rather annoying because these images on spotify are not 4k so it is less enjoyable. You know what i mean, it is pixelated. 


Looking forward to use this UI, its so cool! please release it!


Indeed @fresard22 . I really loved this. Unfortunately, we can just see it in some Spotify's playlist :/. I hope that Spotify applies this amazing design to the standard player as well.


Wow! Look at this guys, Spotify is doing an amazing work! I just found this beautiful now playing album design when I was listening to the new Martin Garrix's release. Really Spotify, many people would love this in the whole app, applied to the standard player. Keep up doing this beautiful work. Lova ya Spot ❤️ 78781.jpg


I agree too! Just the album art can be square because full screen looks good, but the content is not visible.

And after playing a bit, the controls get hidden, showing only the album art: this should open only when we click the album art.


 Yes, it will be very nice to see this design on all playlists and songs.


The new design is great, much more responsive and beautiful.

If you added some type of gesture support (like the double tap to advance in youtube, or the swipes to open and close the player in your ios app) the app will become one of the best ever.


I also really liked this UI idea! I thought it was brilliant, most people now listen to their music on their phones. The interface is vertical, our music should be that way too. The full screen is highly aesthetically pleasing. Although, I do agree that it would be nicer if the album artwork didn’t have to be cut off although I usually can still tell what album I’m listening to. I think that if artist designed another cover specifically to go full screen vertical that would make this work wonderfully! 

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I like this, idea.

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