[Mobile] Use new Playlist UI for the whole App

The current UI in the rap caviar playlist looks super cool and you guys should definitely move that UI for the entire application. Waiting to see this change


Updated on 2020-09-22



Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (100 Kudos per year). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

If you think this is an idea which needs to be implemented, you're welcome to post it in a slightly different form 🙂


Have a nice day!


Any update?


Any news ???

Casual Listener

It looks a lot more clean like that 


should deffinately be a thing, at least optionally.


I had a new UI in spotify for a moment.. now it disapeared... How do I bring it back?


I love this new desing. Could you make for the whole app.


Please add this!


 Apoio !!!!

Casual Listener

Here's another example of how it would look. I also feel it should be optional as there will surely be several people who will prefer the old style.albumcoverdisplay.jpg

Casual Listener

Really don’t like this change think it makes the UI less clean. 

Dont like the way it’s enforced on certain playlists why can’t this be an option ?