[Mobile] Use new Playlist UI for the whole App

The current UI in the rap caviar playlist looks super cool and you guys should definitely move that UI for the entire application. Waiting to see this change


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So has this feature been added to the list to add because I still don't see it on my user created playlist on androiA


Hi @Craz_raven 

This new design has been added only on Spotify's playlist like mint, RapCaviar, Pop Remix, etc.
I also hope to see this design in the whole app.


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I agree, I love full screen, sometimes it does music videos.  That's so cool!!!

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Full screen all the way! Any idea when it will be released across the whole app on Android? I know some people against it, so how about a toggle option in settings. Keep everyone happy 🙂


Wow, I'm surprised by how many people like this. I think it's horrible, it makes me not want to use the app at all. The only nice thing about is are the updated icons, I'll give you that, but the rest is horrbile. The album art is cut off, I can't access "Behind the Lyrics" or my Queue, which is a huge dealbreaker for me. For some reason they decided to place a share button there now. Why? I recognise that many people seem to like it, so just make it optional, just like "Behind the Lyrics. You could call it "Enable Full Screen Playback" and let the users decide.

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I really don't like this new design. It looks kinda cheap, like those free music player apps. At least make it so you can opt-out or disable it. 

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Very much agree with last two posts I think the old UI was much better, why is a music app forcing video album covers? I doubt it’s beyond the development team to implement full screen on/off choice. 

There must be a reason why not perhaps something to do with the labels.


I don‘t like it at all!

The most importand Cover Art is smaller, and the buttons look like ipod V1 instead of nice, thin and futuristic. 

Please change it back as soon as possible. 

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