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Ok so here's the deal. It's June 19th, 2019 (just for reference) and a new update has rolled onto the android mobile app. With the "liked songs," playlist any albums I've saved previously via the "save" button underneath the album art, aren't showing up properly in the playlist. The tracklist is completely re-arranged in comparison to that of the official album tracklist order. Albums I've saved Forever ago are no longer in proper order and there's not a hope in **bleep** I'm going back and re-saving ALL my albums because there's A Lot of them! This is a problem when the "liked songs" playlist is sorted via "recently added". Why it is suddenly formatted like this is beyond me and nonsensical, and it needs to be changed back immediately! What the **bleep**, yall?

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Spotify does this every few months, they release an update that pisses off their entire community. Make's it harder to use and of course 0 customer support. Why not just set as an option to display in alphebetical or not. What a stupid update. If it's not changed in the next week or so I'll be cancelling my account. Tired of my music getting messed up every 3 months because the app developers want to "experiment". There isn't even an option to Shuffle ALL SONGS. THERE ISN'T EVEN AN OPTION TO BROWSE THROUGH YOUR FULL LIST OF SONGS. What am I paying for, twitter for music, that doesn't work properly unless I "follow" artists? ABSOLUTELY USELESS and a waste of money, I'll go to Amazon music, where the music is ordered by artist, album and alphaebetically, like every other music app ever created. Some things exist for a reason, stop trying to re-invent the wheel. 

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