[Mobile][Your Music] Bring back Recently Played to Your Library

Am a Premium user, was told that Premium Users would be getting the use of their new idea for organization of the Your Library tab. Didn't really mind, don't see it as much needed. I have few qualms with it other than the fact that there is no longer a section for Recently Played albums/songs. This is a pretty major inconvenience for me, seeing as I have a human memory that likes to forget things on me. Having to create a Recently Played playlist for myself to update every time a new song comes on is pretty impractical and annoying. So, please bring back the Recently Played section/tab. Very useful.


Also, not extremely related, but the function to submit ideas seems hidden away in the tabs of the menu, itself hidden in a rabbit hole of non-expressive buttons (Help>Community>Menu>Ideas), and I was forbidden from posting on mobile (For not activating with my email? That's the first thing I did!). Not directly related to the app itself, but it felt like an issue I had worth mentioning.

Updated on 2019-06-26

Hey Folks,


Thanks for adding your feedback and votes to this idea.


With the new update you can now find your Recently Played tunes section on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options too, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.



You can check out more tips about the changes to your Library here.

I agree with this entirely. I basically never go to the Home tab, and the fact that I need to scroll horizontally at the top of the screen just makes it all the more inconvenient. There also seems to be a smaller limit on how much can be saved in Recently Played now, at least on phones, which is annoying because I already disliked the limit as it was.


Also, the library tab just feels a lot worse overall now. Don't fix what ain't broke. What would be nice is the option to customize where everything is so everyone can keep every feature wherever is most convenient for them.


This new update has done almost nothing but remove features that people love. I seriously don't understand that the point of the new update is.


Not sure why they want to make it a scavenger hunt to find the artists I like when I go to my artists tab. I used to be able to go there and see all artists that I had music liked.... now its telling us to go to "browse" and get all our hundreds of artists back into our tab???? Whos bright idea was that? Change it back.


The recently played feature was so nice before, why did that change? didn't need to. 


I found where it is located now, in the home section. However, the issue is that I can't see my recently played now if I am on offline mode. 


If you want to keep the recently played there, please make is so that we can use it in offline mode. 


Sounds like many other people have the same problems as I do. I started avoiding using Spotify on the web player because of the terrible library organization (and also issues with playing songs) but now that terrible organization has made it to the mobile app as well. Reviving the Recently Played feature as well as allowing songs to be organized by artist and album, instead of just in one giant "Liked Songs" group needs to happen soon. I'm not really sure how they decided which artists and albums get to be under the "Artists" and "Albums" folders but its definitely not all of them. Hopefully this gets changed soon or I will probably switch to a different music listening platform.

Casual Listener

Whenever I download an album, it automatically saves the entire album. But with the update, I have to also manually save every song on the album because by downloading the entire album, it now only goes to the Albums area but not the Liked Songs anymore. This is a problem because sometimes whenever I want to only save a few songs from an album, it only goes to the Liked Songs playlist, not to the Album area like what happens prior to the update. The ‘Recently Played’ is also removed from ‘Your Library’ , adding inconvenience to my listening experience. Please @__spo__ fix this!!!!


This is basically the main feature of spotify that I use. Now that's it's moved I can't really navigate around the app. I don't see the point of getting rid of it. I lost some of the music I was listening to that I didn't save because again there is a limit to how many songs you can save. And now your limiting my recently played. Not to mention that scrolling horizontally is extremely inconvenient. As well as my favorite feature of being able to hide items on my recently played.


My suggestion is to PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS. Maybe make a new section/ tab. Where it will look like (recently played, playlists, artists, and albums) when you open my library. All it is is adding it back but still keeping the new look. I don't think that's to much to ask. This also allows for us to have more items in recently played then before (I don't remember how many there were). And still keeping the hide option.


I completly agree! My songs are completly gone!


Thank you! Mine updated on my lunchbreak and i was so irritated! What a dumb thing to get rid of! Why wouldn't you want to view your browser history? There's a horizontal "recently played" on home page, but what if I want to go back further than ten albums? That's like 2 days listening! I need the vertical list that scrolls back to infinity, or at LEAST 30 albums, with the hide feature so I CAN scrap recently played albums I won't be checking out again. And also the community is impossible to navigate. I tried to write spotify about this recently played nonsense and it just tosses you around menus and throws you in community. Fine. I'll mention it here. Ok how the **bleep** do you do that? Seems all I can do is browse already posted ideas? Thank god this is the first post I saw, I was about to go full Kyle and punch some drywall. Insanely irritating kafka-esque navigation. So I figure I'll scream into the void by posting this comment in solidarity, although you sound much calmer than I am haha. Music gets me through the day. Spotify, you've existed for years now, get**bleep** together, you're not always going to have the market cornered


And make the recently played editable.  I want to be able to delete something on the list.  It was in the last release so it's not a new idea.