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Remember before the update that got rid of the old Your Library tab? Yeah, bring that back. I want an artist's tab that shows every artist in my library, not just the followed ones and then a random list of all the other artists I have saved.  And the songs tab. None of this playlist with every possible song in it garbage. And please, most of all, PLEASE bring back the list view of recently played everything!  Albums, artists, playlists, whatever it be.  And if course, the ability to SAVE AN ALBUM.  I don't listen to track based artists. I LISTEN TO ALBUMS. So let me save that album with one click. 

The new user interface is probably great for some people. I hate it. Reddit hates it. So, just give us a nice little button we can press in settings to select which UI we want to use. Please, it's been 1 day and I hate the new UI. It feels like I list a bunch of stuff for the podcasts tab. I don't listen to podcasts. So give me the option to change it. 

Please spotify. I'm begging you.  I love the statistics I get through you guys, I love the end of year review, but this UI makes me want to check out Apple music or sound cloud go or something else. 

Updated on 2019-06-15


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Casual Listener

This update is huge issue. Also i listen to albums and i have 2 options: play full abums with songs which i don't want and skipping them or create playlist for each album but it's time-consuming.


Ever since you took out the library tab it has only gotten worse. This post says it all. 

Casual Listener

Honestly, STOP REMOVING FEATURES!!! What the F is wrong with your update policy recently. It's so frustrating! At first you burried the play next list somewhere in the menu and now you change the whole library without any warning! All songs are now apparently listed in "favorite songs (Lieblingssongs in DE)" but there is no option to filter it to only downloaded songs! I used that feature every day in my playlists!!! What does it give you when you remove this feature??? It's honestly so annoying!!! NEVER CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM! This is marketing and IT 101, what's so hard to understand here. Stop forcing us into your new poorly thought-out system!!! Bring back basic features. I want to filter for only downloades songs!!!


I totally agree! Why would you remove useful features? What's the point of that? I've already started testing other services who give me the most basic filter functionality.

Casual Listener

Dear Spotify, stop with those terrible updates !!!


I used to listen to my music in "Titles" (which is now the "Liked Titles" playlist) but now, even when I select to order titles by date, it's not in the correct order and my saved albums in it are shuffled.

Please bring back the good old UI

Casual Listener

I completely agree. Why remove useful features and put in stuff that is not even user friendly.

With every new update I get the feeling that they WANT to lose premium members.

Casual Listener


I totally agree with the post and  the comments as well. For the first look - after the upgrade -  I almost get a heart attack... If you provide a good working app why should you destroy it?? Can`t understand.
I see your point that you should improve and develop continuously (this why you got salary monthly) but this modification is reached the opposite effect.


If it is possible please give the chance of choose to the USER because we pay for a service and I don`t wanna pay for sy which is not good for me.

Thanks in advance.


I totally agree. I feel like everytime I go to the app it looks different and once I get used to it, it changes all over again. Don't  fix what isn't broken, spotify?


I couldn’t agree more! This last update is so bad! The old library was awesome you could just see everything on the same page and the most recently played part was the best cause I don’t download every music that I listen to so it was really easy to find stuff. Bring the last version back that’s all!