[Mobile] enable sorting on "Add to playlist" pop-up window

On the new update for Android. Version on the screen that pops up when you are adding a song to a playlist. Those playlists are in "most recently edited" order. And while in my library I can change that to be custom sort. In that menu screen there is no option to reorder them. And as I have over 200 playlists that I add to at varying rates. This gets annoying pretty quickly and my only temporary fix is having a bunch of folders for them all. Please either revert this part of the update at least. So that the playlist show up in your custom order when ur choosing which one to add a song to. Or add an option for how they show up on that screen 

Updated on 2019-09-05

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Please at least give this as an option! I have a specific ordering of playlists and this new feature makes them difficult to find immediately when I want to add a song to one. It's really frustrating.


I totally second this. I put my playlists in folders and arrange everything in specific order for easy access on mobile. I have multiple playlists going in a bunch of different places.


When it switched to "most recent", I can't add tracks to my playlists the way I used to, because I can't find it easily. Before, I knew exactly where the playlists were. In the new update, I have to read through the names of the playlist to look for it. We should be given the option to arrange playlists in "custom order", when adding tracks to them.


This new feature on android is something I’ve actually been hoping for for a while. Is it available on iPhones? It doesn’t seem to be available for me


This isn't just annoying, it's infuriating. I've been manually sorting all my playlists alphabetically (a feature you should add btw) for years. And with this update it's like you've walked in to my home and shuffled all the books on my bookshelf. PUT THEM BACK.

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I want the OPTION to choose how to sort the items in a folder, because I don't always want just one way. Sometimes the new way is very convenient, I am listening to a station and adding some of the tracks I hear to the same list, so it is convenient to see recently used lists near the top. But often I am only occasionally adding a track at a time, from various sources, and know exactly where to put it in my custom ordered folder, which is now hard to find in the scrambled recently-used order. I have over a hundred playlists in some folders. And when I am browsing for something to play from my own lists, alphabetical is nice sometimes, but custom order is better other times because I put similar genres together that may not be alphabetical.


This! I think the "Add to Playlist" screen is sorting playlists by "Relevance" for me -- which I'm guessing means it shows the playlists that have the most plays at the top. But when I create a new playlist it won't have any plays so it gets buried among the other playlists in the "Add to Playlist" screen, so it's exceedingly difficult to add songs to new playlists.


It's nice to be able to filter playlists when choosing music, and "Relevance" and the other filters seem good for that, but when in the "Add to Playlist" menue, the order should be custom, so that it's actually feasible to add songs to new lists.

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It's not even in the most recently edited order--the playlist order randomly mixes everytime I close the app and re-open.  Agreed--very annoying and can't see how anyone would find this useful...

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Any updates on this?


Ever since you guys updated it awhile back it got completed f***ed. It used to be nice and simple because the playlist order would not change on that screen. Now it's annoyingly frustrating that I have to seek out where the da** the playlist moved in the list since it's constantly shifting on its own. I'm playing an unnecessary game of cat and mouse and it's an unintuitive waste of time.


The only reason this does not have enough "votes" is because users are too da** lazy, but I am frustrated to the point of no return so here I am. Just another stupid update to technology that no one ever asked for and the Spotify team went ahead and "fixed" something that no one ever had a problem with. I work in the tech industry s**t like this is infuriating. Add flexibility or revert it.