More Notifications from Spotify

  • No notifcation when someone follows you
  • No notifcation when someone messages you
  • No notifcation when someone plays your playlist
  • No notifcation when someone plays the song you were were just playing (through the Friend Feed)
  • Etc.

Really too bad none of these cause a notifcation. The major reason many use Spotify is the social aspect.. and Spotify dropped the ball on this one. Spotify is the best music platform hands down, and it's really dissapointing they haven't pushed the social scene better (the side bar is genius.. we just need more!). 


TLDR: Having more notifications as well as more social tools (like a posted news feed) would really improve the platform. 


Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey there!


As mentioned, a similar idea has already been suggested here:

It has been discussed within the Spotify Team in charge and it has sadly been decided that this idea will not be implemented any time soon. However, Spotify will revisit those idea topics from time to time, so hopefully it will be implemented in the future. 😉

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I agree, but I miss "notification when someone massages" most, the rest are interesting, but not crutial for me. 


Funny how even in the comments section there is an "email me when someone replies" option. I hope Spotify takes this concept and incorporates it into their platform. I think this is a great idea @jmor420, thanks for sharing your thoughts of which I am confident so many users agree with. 

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Updated: 2017-03-01

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉


I absolutely hate the social media component. I don't want people looking at my playlists or seeing what I listen to. I hate that Spotify requires a Facebook account. I want an option to set ZERO social media integration and to be able to create an account without a Facebook signin.


 (Yes, I see you can sign up with an email address now. That wasn't always the case. Also, at least some of the social stuff requires users to manually opt-out. I disagree with that stance.)


Couldnt agree more. These features are a must have, PLEASE add these in! 

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@TomTardisyou don't need to be a part of it. You can hide all of your activity including what you're listening to and your own playlists (this is already the case with default settings). And you don't need a Facebook account to sign in.. I created an account with an email address. Not wanting to participate in a feature is understandable, but you're not forced to so not sure what you're talking about (I'd suggest learning how to use the platform).



@jmor420 Yeah, it looks like things have changed again.


At one point, you could only sign in with a Facebook account. And at least some of the social stuff is turned on by default, and I had to turn it off.


I don't mind social features for those people who want it, but Spotify should ask the user before opting them in to any settings that exposes anything about our use of the product to other people.



There are only so many programmer hours available to Spotify, so I'm just hoping to see other things fixed first, such as a way to filter out bands or songs I never want to hear on radio/autoplay.




I really want notifications when someone new follows me, or I'd like to know when someone starts to follow one of my playlists, it will be nicer also knowing who follows my playlists. Personally I don't want notifications when someone listen what I'm actually listening.. that's too much, but please, put some notifications, you are omitting the social aspect, that is one of your cool and strong points.


I could not disagree more with this idea.  Less notifications, please.  

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I'm really surprised Spotify took away the social integration element. Notifications were the hub of this.


Would also like to get notifications when a playlist i follow gets updated.