More Playlist Sorting Options (Sort by Genre, Most Played, etc.)

While I am very very impressed with the range of options people can choose with Spotify, I feel to make playlists even better, there could be more way to sort songs. For example, my personal playlist has over 1,150 songs. These songs range from a plethora of genres, eras, etc. Rather than going through countless scrolls of trying to find similar songs to add to a queue, more options could be added to sort playlists. These new options could include: Genre, Oldest to Newest, Most Played, Recently Played, Less Played, Highest to Lowest Ratings, etc. Thanks!

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Agreed! The sole reason I came to this community today was to request/suggest the same sorts of sort options.

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Amen, Brother.


Being a DJ, I usually stick to one to two genres per gig, and it would help if i could sort my library by genre.


I understand that this may be an issue, as adding the metadata to each individual song on the Spotify Library may be a hassle to accomplish, as well as being somewhat controversial (I use that term loosely) in that people would get into tiffs about certain songs being in certain subgenres, etc. (As in the Metal and Electronic music scene). Spotify could, however, add in a custom field that the user could mark the songs how they please on their own song library.


- In this way, users who are interested in marking songs by Genre can manually enter in a Genre category tab at the top (where the Song, Artist, and Date Added sort options are) and manually add in what genre they believe the song fits under.

- Users who don't care as much can add in tabs such as, i don't know, "Dope", and put a check-mark in that tab if they so choose to do so.  



Look forward to this being added!


good idea. we too asked them to let us sort by play count. doubt they'll ever do anything though.


EDIT: here's a more popular idea that they still haven't listened to

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 Desperately needed! Ideally there would also be an option to sort your library by mood. I know there is software out there which can do this and this would be a zillion times better than curated playlists since it allows you to only listen to songs that you actually like rather than having to skip every third song or so in a playlist composed by someone else.


I just really want to be able to sort my playlist by Plays. I have a playlist with around 1,000 songs and I want to know which songs are the most popular and wich songs are the most underground. That would be very interesting to me. Also, If I'm trying to check out a friends playlist, or they are trying to check out my playlist, they could click the "sort by most plays" button and the most popular songs would be at the top. Therefore, they would be able to hear the best of the playlist. (: Spread the word?

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Absolutely, 100% agree. Extremely frustrating to make a nice, long playlist and not be able to play it such that you can enjoy all the songs the way you want to. I am positive that there are songs on one of my playlists that have never been played yet. A "least played" or having "most played" weighted  to be at the bottom would be fantastic!


I also agree 100%. This is much needed. Kudos also to djrose97's comment that for it to work well we would need a customise option.


I listen to a lot of ambient, post-rock, neofolk and neoclassical music (plus other "minority" types of music) but Spotify doesn't seem aware that these genres even exist judging by the limited Genres playlists on offer, so I would really need this addition for it to work well for me.


Although this idea was originally posted under the [Mobile] category, I think it would be great improvement to Spotify everywhere, including desktop.

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Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback around Playlists in Your Music. Right now we don't have plans for a feature like this, so we're going to mark this as 'Not Right Now'. Check back here for updates--we'll post here first. 


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how many of us have many playlist, the spotify could give the option to choose one to go selecting the songs , it would be more practical than staying two hours searching for the desired playlist .