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[Music] 432 Hz Tuning

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I would love it for Spotify to add this tunning option, I dont think it should be much trouble and it's actually very easy.  


This would be a huge favor to us people that love to hear music on a better and pure tunning. 


I know there are some artist that have music in Spotify at this tunning but I think it would be nice work Spotify to add an option where you could modify the tunning of any song. 


Thank you and please dont forget to Kudos.  🙂

Updated on 2019-07-11

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


As many of you have pointed out below, there are tunes on Spotify already in 432 Hz.


Spotify presents tracks as they are meant to be heard by the Artist. As such, we can't implement a feature that would change the tuning of a song for them - as this would go against how they intended their music to be presented.


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Updated: 2016-02-23

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Let's get this up to over 100 Kudos! Spotify needs to implement this feature! It would be amazing!


Yeahhh lets do this, make the world better ! 


Please, start a few stations with 432 hZ music. I would like one with Nature sounds and whatever else you could get together. This is going to be the new healing modality on the planet.


Please! If there were an option to hear all music in the Spotify library in converted 432hz, a la the 432hz player for iOS that plays any music from your music library in 432hz, it would likely convince me to sign up for a premium account!


Please Spotify! This would really make a difference.

Where do I find the 432 player in iOS? Is it an app or is it a setting in I-Tunes?
Thank You so much for this incredible article!!!!!!
Is there any type of equalizer or so that I can tune already existing music libraries through to get the 432?


Yes there is a '432 Player' app on iOS, I think it uses the music library on the iPhone. There is also a '432 Tuner' app which you can use to tune a guitar or other instrument.