[Music] 432 Hz Tuning

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I would love it for Spotify to add this tunning option, I dont think it should be much trouble and it's actually very easy.  


This would be a huge favor to us people that love to hear music on a better and pure tunning. 


I know there are some artist that have music in Spotify at this tunning but I think it would be nice work Spotify to add an option where you could modify the tunning of any song. 


Thank you and please dont forget to Kudos.  🙂

Updated on 2019-07-11

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


As many of you have pointed out below, there are tunes on Spotify already in 432 Hz.


Spotify presents tracks as they are meant to be heard by the Artist. As such, we can't implement a feature that would change the tuning of a song for them - as this would go against how they intended their music to be presented.


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Since most choices are financially driven. I, for one, would certainly subscribe to 432hz, even willing to accept a fee for those who feel it is well worth investment. 432hz would allow Spotify to distinguish themselves from other music streaming services - positioning Spotify as a pioneer in music aesthetics. Thank you for your consideration. Be well


Please, please, please introduce a 432hz conversion toggle. It would really show that Spotify cares for their customers


Has this still not been added? =/


Changing the hertz is not hard to do Spotify. Listen to your subscribers please. Allow us users to change the frequecy to 432hz. Thank you!


Hey Spotify, please prioritize and expedite this feature request across all apps and platforms. Thanks!


Please add this Spotify it will change so many people’s everyday lives and really make you guys the best music app out


Spotify could change the world by adding this option, given all the benefits that come with it. I don't see how this could be difficult at all for Spotify.


U guys know right that they can't change it cause they are controlled by the elites. That's **bleep**d up. They too **bleep** to do what is right. 


I really hope they can put a 432 hz tuning im really looking forward for now  for other music thats not 432 hz i will use another app until this is fix. I will keep listening on Spotify too the musicartist  that runed already


Status update please Spotify!

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