[Music] 432 Hz Tuning

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I would love it for Spotify to add this tunning option, I dont think it should be much trouble and it's actually very easy.  


This would be a huge favor to us people that love to hear music on a better and pure tunning. 


I know there are some artist that have music in Spotify at this tunning but I think it would be nice work Spotify to add an option where you could modify the tunning of any song. 


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Updated on 2019-07-11

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As many of you have pointed out below, there are tunes on Spotify already in 432 Hz.


Spotify presents tracks as they are meant to be heard by the Artist. As such, we can't implement a feature that would change the tuning of a song for them - as this would go against how they intended their music to be presented.


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Super I will try it out!

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I Kudos This!!  Considering we are made of 70% water and have been subjected to disharmonious music for long enough!  Let's get back in to harmony with the frequency of the earth and Universe.  I am going to back my self up with a case study that was done by Spiritual Results, where after 7 days of exposure to 432Hz healing music, positive results were noticed.


Please do this spotify 😄


Doesn't take much either drop the tempo from 1.0 to 0.98181814 or use an algrithm to alter the Cents/Semitones by -31.76665363342977.  I have tested these in other apps and compared to other music recorded at 432Hz and these values will acheive desirable results 🙂


e.x. Neutron Player for BlackBerry 10:


Neutron Rounded.png

note the app rounds up the values.  In this case altering the tempo had better results than trying to alter the pitch without affecting the tempo.


Source: Spiritual Results - Jamie Butturff available at (accessed on 1/6/2016)


Spotify really should have this feature, listening to my music in 432 Hz gives such a better feel and experience to my music. I really hope Spotify implements this feature soon. This is an amazing idea for Spotify. We really want our music to be converted to 432 Hz. I would be using Spotify a lot more when they do this. Spotify! Please do it!


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Spotify you really need to implement this feature at least for premium members! The customer is always right and you have now heard from many over the last 2 years! I'll no longer be a premium member of this option is not included and will convey to old school music files played through 432 apps. 

Nough said! Now let's hear from you Spotify!!!


This would be a fantastic feature to have in the Spotify app. The 432 Hz frequency brings such a harmonious experience to music. And to have this feature when listening to any music we want for free would be absolutely amazing.


Please do this! So important...

if this isnt an option...

whos side are you really on spotify?!


Let us choose our music's frequency! 


 this needs to be an option! better for students & anyone who uses music for healing or concentration! Ideally, Spotify would add a tuner that allows the user to control this. If that's not possible, having some stations/playlists tuned this way (specifically, meditation/nature/brain power stations) would be a great addition. I've personally considered switching streaming services to Apple just to be able to utilize the tuning abilities. If Spotify would offer 432 tuning, I wouldnt have to consider the switch!