[Music] AB repeat function (loop part of a song)

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In some CD players and cassette players there were a function called AB, A+B, A/B that allowed you to repeat either one track or portion of a track. I used it to listen to my favorite part of a song, or to write down the text of a song.


I really miss this function in Spotify. Repeat track is implemented, but not the ability to repeat a portion of a song.


On the CD players you pushed the button once to start the sequense, then pushed it again, when you wanted it to end. Then it repeated that area of the song, as long as you wanted.

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If you use MacOS, I've an application for that. Please check it at


Please let me know if you have problems or comments regarding that.


- Pat



good news (everyone),

I didn't implement it in Spotify (I am in no way affiliated with them),

but I wrote a little (android) app that does just this:




Copied in Use Cases from previous year's failed feature request. Wish there were a better way to wake up an old idea if it has to be put to rest without sufficient votes-- if nothing else, the old SEO is still gold.


Use case:

As a performing artist, I use Spotify to listen to songs and would like to work out passages by repeat-playing only short segments of songs in a loop forever.


Use case:

As a hobbyist DJ, I want to use Spotify at a party and easily loop some portions of songs.


Use case:

When running a haunted house, I want to play just the few creepy sound effects of this one song forever.


Ohhhh! I would absolutely LOVE this! 😄

Come on Spotify!


I would really like the ability to do this (especially when on songs that have talking at the end/other sounds that aren't actually part of the 'song')


Just do it, already? I mean, this was standard for ancient CD-technology, already.


Why is this feature not added yet? Seriously! This and music speed change is so important for dancers and all the watch manufacturers are missing it. It's an entire market they have missed. We don't want to keep having to go to our phones when in front of the mirror in the studio (or reflective window). Let us do it from our wrist. This is the only feature keeping me from buying a smart watch.


Would love this too. It's sooo important for dancers. This and speed control. Spotify, why won't you listen? 

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