[Music] AB repeat function (loop part of a song)

In some CD players and cassette players there were a function called AB, A+B, A/B that allowed you to repeat either one track or portion of a track. I used it to listen to my favorite part of a song, or to write down the text of a song.


I really miss this function in Spotify. Repeat track is implemented, but not the ability to repeat a portion of a song.


On the CD players you pushed the button once to start the sequense, then pushed it again, when you wanted it to end. Then it repeated that area of the song, as long as you wanted.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Hi peeps,

Apologies if this is against forum rules. I finally published an AB looper extension for Spotify. It has individual loops ranges for each song. You can install it from here


Or build it yourself from 



There are some known limitations

-It only has 1 sec resolution

-The authorization only lasts 1 hour

-only works for chrome desktop at the moment

There might be some other bugs etc, if so please please post a github issue


Hi! I know there have been some people creating apps that solve this, but I didn't really like how they worked.

I am working on slapper.io, a suite of functions for AB looping and organizing samples from spotify.

- mark segments of songs

- loop/AB-repeat them

- annotate and share


Hope it can be useful for some of you!

Link: https://slapper.io/

Casual Listener

Thank you @larskarbo!! This will be such a perfect tool: to be able to create a segment or segments, collect them in a collection, and share the collection (with a student, for instance). Wow!


But . . what's the status? I tried copy Spotify Link from within Spotify app on Mac and neither Share > Copy Spotify URI nor Share > Copy Spotify Song Link pasted did anything noticeable for me in the app..?

Oh I didn't think to press <enter>. 😕 It works, it really works!!


Hey @larskarbo, is there any way to delete my name there?
it really looks nice and stuff, but I don't like the fact that others see my full name (well, I can see the other's so  I guess same for mine) and what I listen to as well as my mailadress without any privacy policy on this page.

I can't find any Button to delete my profile though 😞 Can you delete me from there, please? Thanks!


@musicblaster thanks for the feedback! Will add a visual indicator that you need to press enter!


@Nad_ja Sorry about that! I am just getting started building this, so haven't finished all the details. The all users thing was just something I used for testing in the beginning. I just removed it! Mail adress and name is now not visible to anyone. And database endpoints are secured.

Will add username support soon, and privacy settings on each slap.

Don't know how to write a privacy policy, but is something I will do (would love feedback on that).

If you still want me to delete your account, just ping me and I'll fix it, no problem!


@larskarbo: thanks, awesome! looks better now, I can only see my own name 🙂 

Awesome work, that's going to help some bands and musicians a lot!

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Is there a forum for feedback in the app? I think we can easily fill this Spotify forum thread, but that's not the place for it 🙂 I do see the Feedback box in-app, but no interaction, afaict.


I am glad I got to sniff around your playlist before you made it private: I enjoyed discovering Jack Stauber 😄 What a weird and fun sound!


@Nad_ja great!


Come and say hi at the discord community! https://slapper.io/discord


What a week - and here is the next opportunity to loop songs directly from Spotify, it's the Android Version of "Practice Looper App", and the iOS Version will follow within the next days:



Here is a preview of all functions, what do you think?