[Music] ASIO Output Support

Status: Case Closed

Please can you add support for an ASIO audio output device?


As a owner of a separate headphone DAC + Amp, I get much better quality music when I'm using the bit-perfect ASIO output rather than DirectSound, which changes the audio bitstream before it reaches the DAC. ASIO output would be a great compliment to the Spotify high-quality streaming.


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My Audio equipment : Schiit Bifrost + Asgard, Beyerdynamic DT 250 headphones

Updated on 2021-08-05

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We appreciate the support you've shown for this idea and discussed it again with the relevant team. While it is interesting, we want to let you know that we don't have any immediate plans to implement this.


We are aware of the popularity of this idea and the desire for a similar feature to be added. Note that we've reopened the idea below and invite you to show your support, if this is something you'd like to see:

If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


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Please add ASIO support, I can then utilise mheadache magic, modded x cans tube headphone amp and senn hd650s.


BTW spotify is awesome and improving all the time.


Please add ASIO or WASAPI support in Spotify. We really need this option to get high quality sound from our external DAC's!


Fully agree that Spotify should add WASAPI or ASIO or both for Bitperfect playback through Windows. Will start paying for the service when this is available.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Personnaly, I would be happy with just WASAPI support.


Just bit on an external DAC/AMP combo myself and it is disheartening to see this is still unresolved a year after it was suggested!!  I am hoping that the Spotify team will get on this sooner than later, as I can see from the user comments it would make a *lot* of people happy (especially that in the Audiophile community).  And hey, I'd rather pay $9.95 to use Spotify legally than torrent music, but it's nice to be able to have ASIO support playing mp3/FLAC through Foobar or other media players.


Please,add WASAPI and ASIO OUTPUT SUPPORT.for  audiphile user,thanks

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One more here.... asio, wasapi, kernell streaming.... needed

doesn´t make sense nowadays listen on computer without bitperfect...


wimp are increasing its bitrate and talks about adding lossless FLAC.

asio support would give spotify an edge.


WASAPI support is fine too. Please add bitperfect streaming options to Spotify!