[Music] Ability to block certain Genres

Similar to blocking an artist or certain tracks from appearing, but I want to be able to just not see anything of certain genres. I have zero interest in them, and all it does is annoy me to see them.

Updated on 2020-01-13


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Ideas Exchange.

We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we don't have any immediate plans to implement this.
For that reason, we'll close this now.

If we do have any new information to share rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


Oh for **bleep**s sake please yes and thank you. Every week my discover weekly is turning into a rap playlist. I never once listened to any rap and the only songs I ever save are folk, indie rock and bluegrass.


Of the 30 songs in my DW 7 are rap.

Seven. Literally more rap songs than I've ever bothered to listen to the whole way through in my entire life.


Do they think that because I enjoy the occasional banjo that I have no taste at all? What is this formula?

Is there a similar (non apple) music service that has this feature?

Not applicable



Yeah, that rap infestation of the weekly playlist is also a point for me 😕
but at least my friends have their fun when I rage about this.

But there is now one new thing wich is way more anoying for me.
I now get anoyed with audio Books in my weekly Playlist.

A 2.30 - 3 minute Rap song is, politly said, very anoying, but a 6 minute audio book in a music playlist is way more worse, espacially when you are working on something and can't reach the controls.

Please make a genre block possible or at least take out audio books from the weekly playlist.


This feature has been requested so many times over the past couple of years!  Why hasn't it been looked at yet?


Agreed - I'd love to permanently ban country music from anywhere in my feed or account...especially when it pops up in weekly mixes or something. Makes me want to heave...


I totally agree. There are some genres i just do not like nor do I want to see them. I hope Spotify is paying attention, since it's our money that keeps them in business.


If we can't have the option to turn off explicit , or block individual artists or songs, then we definitely need this option! 


I agree with this idea. I really like listening Top 50, but I always skip Rap/Hip hop for which I have 0 interest/affinity.

Casual Listener

Please Make this Happen I am so F-ing sick of seeing Rap fist f-ing thing on my home screen. I Pay a premium price and I can not controle what I see on my home screen. I do not listen RAP-hip-hop or anything related to it yet it is the first thing suggested to me, its getting to the point that I am debating on pulling my membership


Hmm, Guess I should find a different provider then.