[Music] Ability to block certain Genres

Similar to blocking an artist or certain tracks from appearing, but I want to be able to just not see anything of certain genres. I have zero interest in them, and all it does is annoy me to see them.

Updated on 2020-01-13


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Ideas Exchange.

We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we don't have any immediate plans to implement this.
For that reason, we'll close this now.

If we do have any new information to share rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Eu também quero bloquear generos de sugestão. está muito ruim escutar musicas e ter as ruins aparecendo como sugestão, por favor spotify


HELLO, I also want to block genres of suggestion. it is very bad to listen to music and to have the bad ones appearing as a suggestion, please spotify


Não gosto de ficar mudando de provedor de serviços quando já estou acostumado, mas o Deezer agora permite bloquear um artista. Já estou testando o aplicativo deles e buscando outras alternativas, mas vou aguardar um pouco mais pelo spotify. 

Blacklist para genero, artista e música são fundamentais. É irritante abrir o aplicativo com sugestões de sertanejo e funk...

Casual Listener

They are making everything to flood us with **bleep**/spam music, it's obvious that they get paid for every reproduction but its annoying, and it's more frustrating when you pay for a premium subscription.


This is a brilliant idea. I have very broad musical tastes from psych rock to classical, jazz, funk, soul, 80s indie, rock, old school hip hop etc but still the same boring popular contemporary genre teenage playlists pop up. I love my custom playlists, Release Radar and Discover Weekly but even one panel dedicated to reggaeton is too much for me.


Please do this Spotify. 


Dear spotify, i am getting really tired of oppening up spotify on my phone or computer and be FORCED to see playlists about funk and sertanejo. Just because i'm brazillian doesn't mean i like those genres, i don't like'em. And to assume that i like them, based upon my place of birth instead of my musical taste, is called PREJUDICE


Just to be very, very clear:     I HATE FUNK AND SERTANEJO.


Please, stop it, stop disrespecting me.


You'd think people would use spotify more if they could tailor it to their interests. I don't understand why this is still marked as a "new idea" after three years.


@kjetilhoho@, i definitely think that yes. Just tell me why am i obligated to receive recomendations of a song of a genre i don't like 99,999999% of the s


É desanimador, toda vez que inicio o App, de imediato aparece as sugestões de generos musicais que eu simplesmente 'ODEIO" e eu não tenho como impedir ou bloquear isso.

Pago pelo serviço e não tenho o direito de mudar essa configuração que me dá nojo.

Já que o Spotify criou a ótima opção de bloquear artista, porque não não introduz também a opção BLOQUEAR GENERO?

Sinceramente, é de desanimar...