[Music] Ability to change the Speed of Tracks

Not a big deal, but if you're trying to learn a piece, it's nice to slow it down and cycle through a specific section.  There are apps to do this with music you own, but not streamed music from spotify.

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Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey folks. We're marking this idea as Case Closed today as it's "Not Right Now" status hasn't changed in over 3 years. We're working hard to update the ideas you're voting on that have a chance at getting built at Spotify--we're trying to be fully transparent here. Please continue to leave your feedback here in the Idea Exchange so we can bring it to our product owners, thanks!


True usefeull for milions of musicians... a good slow down algo so you do not have to open a second application.... or buying the file....!!!


I totally agree that this is something vital to musicians.  We need the ability to select peices of a song and either slow it down or speed it up and have it loop.  Tell your staff to look at the amazing slowdowner app you can get on your ipad.  I am considering canceling my subscription until you get this 😞




I along with many other musicians who I know would love to be able to change the playback speed (without pitch change) and change pitch (without tempo change). 



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I agree spotify would vastly improve from a speed up slow down, some playlists and songs just do not compair to their speed up youtube counterpart.

I would also be willing to pay extra for a way to slow down songs while keeping the same pitch. Or you could just make it for premium users. A slowdown utility would convince a ton of musicians to buy premium.



Would be perfect for us musicians struggling with cover songs. Would be a feature assigned for Premium users, most musicians pay for Premium.


I agree! It will be very helpfull for musician to transcripbe peaces or solos . I need also a pitch up/down  and a Loop function for play-along ...

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Please do this it would prevent me having to listen to music in Spotify, pick a song then buy it in iTunes so I can slow it down - madness!

113 kudo's including mine till now, hopefully we get this feature soon !! People will love it!


I'm a freelance musician in Sweden and I have for a long time want to have access to all my music on my devices and also be able to slow down songs, that is a great tools for many musicians around the world. 

I have a great app called Amazing Slowdowner, made by a Swedish developer.


But I talked to him today and he has a app ready for streaming Spotify in good quality but he has to be approved because his app is an purchase app, but Spotify don't answer he requests at all.. He has tried twice he said to me.

Please! Can someone help him at this forum? 

He feels dejected about this.

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