[Music] Ability to change the Speed of Tracks

Not a big deal, but if you're trying to learn a piece, it's nice to slow it down and cycle through a specific section.  There are apps to do this with music you own, but not streamed music from spotify.

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Updated on 2017-08-24

Hey folks. We're marking this idea as Case Closed today as it's "Not Right Now" status hasn't changed in over 3 years. We're working hard to update the ideas you're voting on that have a chance at getting built at Spotify--we're trying to be fully transparent here. Please continue to leave your feedback here in the Idea Exchange so we can bring it to our product owners, thanks!


I just want to chime in and say that this issue is the only reason I am posting in this forum.  I am a musician and this tool is a necessity for musicians learning covers.  If you don't understand why, you are probably tone deaf .

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We are paying 10,- a month and even are willing to pay for the option to slow down music.


Changed back to "new idea" status - once this idea reaches 100+ kudos (kudo requirements have been changed) the Spotify staff will review it again and decide on a new status. 

132 Kudo's and still no action? Maybe it's time to review our choice.

@geoffreymbrown wrote:

Not a big deal, but if you're trying to learn a piece, it's nice to slow it down and cycle through a specific section.  There are apps to do this with music you own, but not streamed music from spotify.



This appears to be a popular request at this point. In echo of the others here - tempo change, pitch change and looping are generally available apps with several being free for iTunes, MP3 and other formats.  This ability is very desirable to musicians and instructors. Only when it gets to the point of saving personal track configuration or other features such as eq, vocal removal, stepped tempo increase on loops, etc. do the apps start to have any consequential cost.  It would be a major reason for many to become new or jump to "premium" Spotify users.


As a guitarist the ability to slow tracks down to enable me to tab a piece would be killer.! Over a hundred Kudos so are you guys going to have a look into this??


I use the IOS app Pacemaker for slowing down the speed works perfect. Pacemaker


I tried Pacemaker, works like a charm. Too bad it only works on an iPad, would love to have it on my iPhone.

I also use Speedshifter on my phone but it doesn't have a connection to Spotify yet.

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This idea has to be iimplemented. I'm about to graduate from a music conservatory and the usage of Spotify for classes such as improvisation and music analysis has largely increased since I began and Spotify was first introduced to the U.S. in 2011.  


As a listener and student of music (particularly jazz guitar), I strongly urge Spotify to consider implementing a slow-down/transcription feature. It would give them (Spotify) additional plays and thus additional revenue and exclusivity. They could even possibly charge an additional $0.99 or something for the service. I can't think of a reason not to have this.

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Agree. As someone trying to learn guitar this would be a great help. I'd even pay extra for an app to do it! Would he pretty simple to implement - come on guys - you know you want to help us out - May mean a virtuous circle of more musicians .......
This is a fantastic idea I've been dreaming about for the last few years. I would definitely be willing to spend my hard earned cash on this feature.
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I too would pay for this. Too bad Spotify never actually seems to consider or impliment these popular and great requests.

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