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Hej - Do you listen to music while browsing the Discover area like me? Do you sometimes Save an album to listen to later? Might you see an article on your favorite blog about an album or Artist and go to Spotify to Save it and listen later. Hey, wow, me too! You know what would be awesome? Have a little notepad area attached to the Saved Album or Playlist to jot down a few notes. Kinda like - "Josh recommended this while we were at the CHainsmokers show at the FIllmore" or "Saw great review of this in Rolling Stone, writer said it was cross of Frank Sinatra and The Jam". Help me get this feature on Spotify so my mangled memory can get just the right know in the head to remember why I wanted to listen to that obscure album.

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You could just save the album to a new playlist and use the title and description as your notes. That way it's in a visible place and you'll be more likely to get around to it. 


This. I would really like to be able to leave some personal notes on songs, albums, artists, playlists, etc. When I revisit saved music it would be helpful to be reminded of the context under which I decided to save it. The mood I was in, the other artists I was listening to at the time, my thoughts about the particulars of the music like what aspect of it motivated me to save it, etc. Great post.


This would be very useful. I add songs when I think a specific sound is cool, and would like to remember why I added particular songs to my favorites playlists.




It really makes sense that a social music program should have this. I've been wanting this feature for my shared playlists. If you have a collaborative playlist with friends, it would be fun to be able to add little tags and notes about why you are adding a certain song to the playlist. Spotify is all about being social with music, right....?

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Please need just a few more likes for this.


Being able to make notes on individual songs would be amazing!! iTunes has this capability but fewer sharing options compared to Spotify, so I feel like I'm stuck between two platforms. As a professional artist, I need to be able to quickly access and recall why I place certain songs into chosen playlists. Please add a notes section!!


YES! This would be SUPER helpful! 
I teach Yoga and it would be AMAZING to add visible notes to each song in the playlist (ie. Play this song for Savasana)


I like this idea, even if it's implemented as tags rather than notes. I shazam a lot of songs at DJ sets, and like to make a playlist afterward of the tracks. It'd be nice to record who played what tracks as part of that. 


Would be very useful for adding long notes with tracklist info on continious mixes. Even more useful with local files, if you playing interesting (but missing) dj sets/podcasts through spotify

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