[Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The Star feature should be complemented with a way to mark tracks as excluded. Those tracks would then be skipped even when included in the current playlist.
This way the enjoyment of a good album wouldn't be disrupted by tracks you don't like, while the album in its entirety can still be kept in the playlist.
The Anti-star can easily be implemented as a flipside to the regular star as they are mutually exclusive. Click the star once, the track becomes a favorite. Click again, the star icon changes to the anti-star and click a third time and either flag is gone.

A no-brainer to me.

Updated on 2017-10-30

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.

After serious consideration, we’ve decided not to offer blocking/ hiding/ or blacklisting artists or tracks on Spotify at this time. Rest assured we’re working hard to improve suggested content, such as your Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Keep an eye on the idea Add like or dislike button to personal discover weekly playlist” for more details around this.


Please do this


I'm tired of listening to Justin Bieber...


This would be a great and much appreciated feature! Listening to the top tracks is great, for example, but the allergic, spasmic attacks that follows with Justin Biebers "songs" are not as wanted. Thank you for implementing this feature very soon!


I agree, this would be a great feature. I get annoyed by having to skip songs I'm not fond of that are in regular rotation in some of the radio stations. 


I love my friend's playlist. But there are some songs there I really don't like.


Wouldn't it be a good idea to make it possible for me to "hide" that track from his playlist, so that I can shuffle his songs without having to keep skipping those that I'd rather not listen to? 


Apologies if this is already suggested. 

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Why not just copy the playlist to yourself and then remove the songs you don't like? 

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I would the ability to exclude entire artists, not just tracks, so it will not be bound to specific versions of their tracks, as the "star/dislike" feature would do...


But, as we often use others playlist, any feature to dislike/avoid some artists/tracks would be NICE!


Hi, I like using the list of top songs, but inevitably there are a few songs that I don't like and would like to ban or stop them from playing when choose the list of top songs. I would like to see a feature where I can right click on a song and select "Ban this song" it would then go into grey and would automatically be skipped when it is included in playlists. Regards.


Nice idea, we need the ignore button! Smiley Happy


Excellent idea, very needed


also important because of the social functions, not just listening to songs that I rather not listen but telling my friends to listen to those as well!


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I really really want a "ban track or artist" option... (even if I have to pay for it...)

because I really, really do not like certain types of music or specific artists and I know I'm not alone here.... I just do NOT want to hear some songs. ever.