[Music] Buy & download as MP3s

The built-in mp3 download store has been removed from the service. I would like to request it be brought back as soon as possible!


Anyone attempting to buy downloads is now redirected to this page which offers no explaination to why this part of the service has been removed. 


Technically, the downloads store was always seperate from subscriptions however this is a massive loss for many people who use Spotify to discover new tracks but also want to own them. DJs in particular have expressed this is a massive issue on the main topic here. Anyone with a non-smart iPod who uses Spotify to sync content now has to go to the hassle of getting music from another source, importing it into Spotify and then transferring.


The ease of use that came from 1 click downloads and the ability to easily download our carefully created playlists can't be recreated using other services, this used to make Spotify unique! Even if Spotify don't want to do the downloads, can we at least get proper integration to other download service built into the client?


Please implemenet this!


Updated: 2016-04-12

Hi everyone, we're now marking this idea as 'Case Closed' as we definitely have no plans to reintroduce the downloads store.

Of course your gift cards are still redeemable so long as they are used before the expiration date. Thanks for your continued feedback, we're working hard to keep you all as up-to-date as possible.


Spotify I've been a loyal customer for a long time.  The download feature was very useful for me and I used it frequently as I would build playlists and then wanted to own the music so I could play in the car or other places where access to Spotify wasn't available or convenient.


I suppose my annoyance is on a few levels.  One is the lack of explanation of why you have removed this feature.  Saying you want to focus on streaming doesn't really answer the question.  Its more a side step to avoid the question.  Secondly the lack of notice was also not a good call on your part.  As you can see from forum threads many customers feel like the feature was just switched off with no consultation.


I've been searching the web trying to find some of the tracks on my playlists to buy and they just aren't available.  Its just a shame Spotify - when you actually want to purchase a track and support an artist and the functionality is no longer there.  I hope you listen to your customers and bring this feature back.


Music Fan
Bring it back!!! So i can start post videos on Facebook again without getting them blocked because of no rights of the songs!
Casual Listener

Bring the darn option to buy through spotify back!!!! It's just nonsense!!!


I just have to repeat what many others have said here.


I can't believe that this function is removed. Why on earth don't you want to sell the files anymore?


Please answer us, Spotify guys!


There are many reasons I enjoyed this possibility. I use Jrivers software to do magic with my music library, and I need to use the "old" 160GB iPod Classic to have room for everything in my pocket.


I use Spotify for a lot of my daily music listening, but I do NOT want to be forced to use Spotify for everything. Spotify is for me primarily to collect new music in long playlists. Then I buy bulk downloads in 100's now and then for single tracks, while I order hard copies at for example Amazon for whole albums (when the whole album is great, I want to have it in my shelf and I want lossless raw format).


If you try to force me to do things in another way, I will leave. Please be nice!


I would not need Premium anymore, since the point with 320 kbs files to purchase is not there anymore.


Bring it back. Spotify is the best music service I've ever tested. i've tested a whole lot of other ones (Itunes, Grooveshark etc) and this is the one I've used th most. I was very happy when Spotify added the "buy track" option, since Spotify have a large amount of tracks other music services don't, this, for me, was a Godsend. 


Please bring back the Downloads Store!


A most troubled customer.

I was given £60 worth of Spotify vouchers as a birthday present for the sole use of using them to download tracks. I have just come on here to redeem them & saw the above comments. These vouchers are now no good to me whatsoever. What a waste of money for my friends who kindly purchased the gift cards for me only 2 months ago, clearly stating on them that you can download tracks with them. Disappointed is an understatement!

I would get in touch with customer services, they might be able to do something for you if those cards are valid for downloads. 



Status changed to: Not Right Now


As many of you are already discussing here, we recently updated Spotify to no longer include new in-app purchases. We did this to further simplify the service and pave the way for new features announced at the end of last year. In-app purchases aren't part of this update but we're not ruling out their return. Credits/gift cards already purchased are still redeemable.


Since we're not ruling out their return, please add your vote here if you're amongst those who would like to see in-app purchases in the future.


Bring it back!!!

I am really considering stop my premium account.


There is no sense to buy and finance Itunes at all.(As personal convicition I am reluctant to move to Itunes).


I loved the feature due besides been cheap I was able to populate my daughters mobile mp3 list  avoiding mobile outrageous bills for data rates.


And I wont give to my daughter 11yrs an expensive and fragile Smart Phone my neigbourg has already bought 3 to its daughter, and my daugher old Nokia is solid as a brick. 


It was a safe purchasing option for those who have kids.

I was an economic and way of supporting music industry on europe not paying to US based Apple.

Please please bring it back


The possibility to buy and download music from Spotify for use in my car and other devices where Spotify was not available or not an option, was the main reason I stopped entirely downloading shady mp3's from the web.


It is also extremely bad practice removing such vital functionality  without proper prior announcement!


Bring it back!