[Music] Buy & download as MP3s

The built-in mp3 download store has been removed from the service. I would like to request it be brought back as soon as possible!


Anyone attempting to buy downloads is now redirected to this page which offers no explaination to why this part of the service has been removed. 


Technically, the downloads store was always seperate from subscriptions however this is a massive loss for many people who use Spotify to discover new tracks but also want to own them. DJs in particular have expressed this is a massive issue on the main topic here. Anyone with a non-smart iPod who uses Spotify to sync content now has to go to the hassle of getting music from another source, importing it into Spotify and then transferring.


The ease of use that came from 1 click downloads and the ability to easily download our carefully created playlists can't be recreated using other services, this used to make Spotify unique! Even if Spotify don't want to do the downloads, can we at least get proper integration to other download service built into the client?


Please implemenet this!


Updated: 2016-04-12

Hi everyone, we're now marking this idea as 'Case Closed' as we definitely have no plans to reintroduce the downloads store.

Of course your gift cards are still redeemable so long as they are used before the expiration date. Thanks for your continued feedback, we're working hard to keep you all as up-to-date as possible.

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I'm fed up with the audio quality in online music stores. The labels use junk to encode these files, with no error correction. They should be using the likes of Exact Audio Copy or dbpoweramp etc with Accurate Rip enabled.


I really liked this feature because I have a 0.5 TB hard drive in my car. It contains all my CDs and Spotify-bought music as MP3 or Ogg. I was so happy to be able to get rid of the physical CD discs and move to a centralized storage: it works regardless of whoever is using the car or if the mobile network on countryside is 3G or not.


I'm painfully aware that I can still war3z all this music (even from spotify). But I really like not to do that. Paying for good music is the way to go! Before the feature was removed, I bought all the songs I really liked and copied those to the car. Now spotify no longer fullfills my needs in this area: I'll have to start war3ing or find a better service (any recommendations btw?).


My current wanted mp3s list on spotify is huge. You would have got my money if the feature was available.


When doing services, people are using features differently. The methods and reasons behind peoples choises are not always the ones originally designed. Premium just doesn't solve my problem. The amount of  my  previously (bought and legally paid!) music is huge and it doesn't fit into any mobile devices. Also I don't want to rely on mobile networks when traveling abroad or driving to distant locations.


I vote yes!


should totaly bring this feature back. I dont want to resort to piracy, and i also dont want to sub to another music provider thingy to get MP3 legaly.


so yeah..thats my vote..



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Yes I do Aqua jogging workouts and began using music, and thus were forced to quit spotify and use itunes instead, because I can't buy from Spotify or there is no spotify compatible waterproof MP3.


Yes, please, do implement a download function! If the monthly subscription doesn't cover it, then pay per album / piece will be great, as well.

Spotify's strength is the breath of the music library, hosting heaps of music not available from Google, Rdio, or other sources. Capitalizing on that with a download service would be a fantastic boost for both the customers and artists.


The option to download my whole collection of playlists and albums on spotify would be a great option. Knowing i could one day maybe,  spent a couple of hundred pounds on turning it in a .flac or .mp3 collection, would be amazing! 


The simpler the process the better, id spend well up to £750 to have all my albums stuck on a drive and posted out!



D  O  W  N  L  O  A  D     S  P  O  T  I  F  Y     N  O  W   !

Spotify would best serve the ostcommunity of artists to allow music downloads for ownership..  Unless I can mix and manipulate music on my own platform, Spotify is, at best, a competing service and end users will bore of the novelty when the mustic they want is a gapless mix of something that makes a statement.   If I was a painter, Spotify stream service would be providing works of art that can only be viewed for a period of time.  That puts me out of business.  I WANT OWNERSHIP BECAUSE THE PRODUCT I PRODUCE IS FROM IT IS OWNED.  


I think it is a great idea to at least give people the option, if only on a limited basis to begin with.


I love Spotify, but sometimes wish that I could have some of these tracks permanently in my life, not just 'rented'.

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It is highly unlikely that this feature will be brought back. It was an excellent feature for consumers but the big music corporations and many artists are against it because of the ease with which such files can be illegally redistributed. No doubt Spotify would not be able to reach agreements with pubblishers and artists if the download feature was available. A sign of the greedy age in which we leave.