[Music] Buy & download as MP3s

The built-in mp3 download store has been removed from the service. I would like to request it be brought back as soon as possible!


Anyone attempting to buy downloads is now redirected to this page which offers no explaination to why this part of the service has been removed. 


Technically, the downloads store was always seperate from subscriptions however this is a massive loss for many people who use Spotify to discover new tracks but also want to own them. DJs in particular have expressed this is a massive issue on the main topic here. Anyone with a non-smart iPod who uses Spotify to sync content now has to go to the hassle of getting music from another source, importing it into Spotify and then transferring.


The ease of use that came from 1 click downloads and the ability to easily download our carefully created playlists can't be recreated using other services, this used to make Spotify unique! Even if Spotify don't want to do the downloads, can we at least get proper integration to other download service built into the client?


Please implemenet this!


Updated: 2016-04-12

Hi everyone, we're now marking this idea as 'Case Closed' as we definitely have no plans to reintroduce the downloads store.

Of course your gift cards are still redeemable so long as they are used before the expiration date. Thanks for your continued feedback, we're working hard to keep you all as up-to-date as possible.

Casual Listener

After six months, I'm still dreaming of spotify-like mp3 store. I understood the good aspects way too late, probably after they had already decided to scrap the store. I'm still wondering why other stores will not enable streaming service for pre-listening, mobile apps etc. It's also pain in the bottom to compare prices and audio quality between stores. Because old music wasn't published as mp3, it simply isn't available in other stores. I guess the problem might also be in the other end, since some artists still think mp3 is a bad idea financially and some songs weren't available for downloading. Maybe they get more artists to Spotify this way.


I don't bring my phone on runs, but bring my ipod nano instead. There are some great running playlists and I would love to be able to click "buy" or at least link to amazon or itunes for the mp3 purchase. 


Since this feature was removed, the record industry is losing out on loads of my money.


Spotify used to offer download packages which means I could buy 100 tracks for £50 and that is half of what they cost on iTunes, and was also very convenient. We got mostly 320Kbps mp3s too.


I want to buy music because I want a guarantee I will be able to play it in 10 years time, and songs get removed from Spotify all the time. I originally thought if that happened I could always revert to buying it on iTunes but found they usually remove them from there too. There are songs I want that I simply cannot get hold of anywhere anymore. I have had to message the artists for them and sometimes do get them.


Of course when you take away the legal way of obtaining the tracks people will resort to using software like Audials tunebite..


There is an alternative option that I think would give us the best of both worlds. A special "spotify" purchase. It doesn't give you an mp3 but gives you a guarantee of the song never being made unavailable to you. For non-premium users, you could also let these tracks be ad-free and possibly even offlined.


A Spotify purchase would be very cheap, compared to an mp3. The revenue would of course go to the artists etc. in reasonable proportion and would count more towards the chart than a stream. The OCC (in the UK) would have to decide how much.


Perhaps I should make this a "new" suggestion.




Yes please!!


I would happily pay to download the MP3s. Spotify downloads used to be my favourite thing about Spotify. Pleeeeease bring it back!


It's a no brainer here, Spotify. DJs and collectors like to own their music.

For us collectors/Djs this is an optimum place to listen to new stuff and explore. It's amazing!!
But... what happens if we want to use our spotify playlists to play in public places and mix them, or whatever we want to do with them?!

Well, we'll have to go to Amazon or iTunes, take note of the tracks, select them again one by one (and then hand the money to someone else), or maybe change to a competitor who offers that service. I don't understand..

Please bring it back.


i want it back! im curious if it would be cheaper to buy my playlist or pay for a year of premium...as of right now, amazon prime is cheaper than spotify, and i want a reason to not switch over.

Music Fan

Why doesn't Spotify sell tracks? I get why it no longer makes it easy for me to buy a song I like from a competitor, makes sense, but why not sell me the song directly? And let me play it right alongside playlist tracks that I haven't bought?


If you've subscribed to spotify long enough you've experienced the dreaded "track no longer available for streaming" problem. Which devalues the time and energy you've put into creating a playlist. The option to buy the track would mitigate this - pay $1 and never have to worry about losing your playlist to a licensing dispute.


And for tracks that are no longer available for streaming there could be an option along the lines of "this track is no longer available for streaming but can be bought for $1". Even if some artists are able to make more money over the long term by getting a fractional amount per stream imho this neglects the psychological aspect of making a sale and seeing a big bump based on that in the short term. Being able to say "Artist X sold half a million copies of Song Y on Spotify in the first week" is valuable even if they'd make more money over 5 years being paid 0.000001 cents per stream.


The real money for big artists is in touring anyway. Let's say the record company for big acts won't be on-board at first. It undermines their power over the distribution channel. But they see green as well as anyone - if spotify can get even a few medium-sized artists to sell their songs directly through spotify it wouldn't be long before the artists themselves realize that Spotify *is* the new distribution channel and join up.


I agree. I want to listen to music on my MP3 player, not a computer.


Hello - please bring back buying option. Even if its only limited to whole albums. Better to support a site that has always been so good, rather than have to go elsewhere to buy. Really doesn't make sense to me. Great music.


I would like to see the option to buy and download tracks. Waiting for it.