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The built-in mp3 download store has been removed from the service. I would like to request it be brought back as soon as possible!


Anyone attempting to buy downloads is now redirected to this page which offers no explaination to why this part of the service has been removed. 


Technically, the downloads store was always seperate from subscriptions however this is a massive loss for many people who use Spotify to discover new tracks but also want to own them. DJs in particular have expressed this is a massive issue on the main topic here. Anyone with a non-smart iPod who uses Spotify to sync content now has to go to the hassle of getting music from another source, importing it into Spotify and then transferring.


The ease of use that came from 1 click downloads and the ability to easily download our carefully created playlists can't be recreated using other services, this used to make Spotify unique! Even if Spotify don't want to do the downloads, can we at least get proper integration to other download service built into the client?


Please implemenet this!


Updated: 2016-04-12

Hi everyone, we're now marking this idea as 'Case Closed' as we definitely have no plans to reintroduce the downloads store.

Of course your gift cards are still redeemable so long as they are used before the expiration date. Thanks for your continued feedback, we're working hard to keep you all as up-to-date as possible.


I understand that streaming is most likely the future of music and owning hard copies of tracks will soon be defunct.  However, for the time being wireless internet is not available EVERYWHERE in the world and until it is we should still have the option of buying and owning this music...so listen up Spotify and bring back the option to download!!  It is also indespensable for all us DJs who need to own the MP3s in order to mix them.  I can use other sites to download up to date music but Spotify's enormous database gives us access to old or rare tracks that simply can't be found elsewhere!  I've been using Spotify from the very beginning and have enjoyed the majority of the upgrades/changes that they've added over the years, but this to me seems like a ridiculous step backwards.


PS - if you're reading Mr Spotify, check out this recent article:




Surely the statistics don't lie.

Gig Goer

Bring back the downloads spotify!!!


Bring back the downloads and I will return as paying customer.



i just sign up for spotify, i ve not been able 2 download any thing!. i need help,


dl's , please return.

spotify crew, please explain.





I just clicked on a 40 track Get Playlist...


So you want me to go somewhere else to buy my music now?  OK, I'll do that. I want to OWN my music, not be dependant on Spotify or anybody else.


What on earth makes you think I'm going to come back when I'm finished?




had premium for long time

gona stop using spotify if i cant downloade songs anymore.


It is sad that I try to by music when downloading it illegaly provides better service. F***


I totally agree that the downloads option needs to be brought back!  


I also agree with previous comments that SPOTIFY should have given notice that this move was imminent!  That wasn't very professional or customer friendly!


I've spent ages creating playlists I now can't buy (I used to create enough to buy in bundles which offered better value).  the thought of spedning time I don't have funding these tracks again via other sources is NOT APPEALING!  That's why I loved Spotify - user friendly, convenient fair value....




I haven't used Spotify since downloads have not been possible anymore. I use other programs and music pages and am waaiting for...

Casual Listener

Completely agree. It's such a shame Spotify has removed this without any prior warning.


I too take advantage of creating extensive playlists over time and downloading in bulk purchase. Where else can I collectively gather and organise tracks before purchasing, especially at over 100 a time?


I would definitely welcome this function back.




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