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I listen almost only on Classical Music. There is a lot of Classical music in Spotify, but the setup is not good for classical music.


Beethoven is not an artist, he is a composer. 

Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra is not an artist, its an orchestra.

The conductor can be an artist.

If there is a concerto, for example violin concerto, its the person playing the violin who is the artist.

And if you listen to Beethoven symphony number 5, it consists of four parts but is one unit. So, if I want to listen to Karajan conducting the 5th symphony of Beethoven, I want to search for that in a more logical way that Spotify allows. Here is an outlibne of a search routine I would like:


The first selection is composer

- I search for Beethoven from the list of composers.

then I should be able to select between symphonies, concertoes, sonatas....

- I select Symphonies.

Then I shoudl be able to select which one (he created 9 symphonies)

- I select number 5.

Then I should be able to select conductors

- I select Karajan.Then I should be able to select orchestra

I select Berlin Philarmonic.

-Then I should be able to select if I want to hear all of it, or a specific movement

I select 2nd movement


And then I am happy 🙂


Of course it shall be possible to interrupt my search at any point. If I do not want to select conductor or orchestra but just 5th symphony, Spotify should just deliver a random version of the symnphony, with Karajan or Neeme Järvi or whatever.


This is not possible with the spotify setup... 


Since there is so much good classical music in Spotify I would love to have a "classical music"-mode that sorts and selects classical music in a way that classical music fans can use as easily as lovers of mainstream music can select their music.



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Exactly !!!! Thank you my friend !!!

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Marked as New Idea and edited title to make it easier to find via search. This idea suggests a new browsing and track selection mode specifically designed to make classical music playback easier. You may also be interested in supporting this idea.


I too want to get a better system for searching in classical music.


1. Komposer

2. Konductor

3. Orchestra

4. Artist







Here's another Idea that I think you might like to support if you haven't already seen it. It's particularly relevant to classical music:



Show Whole Song Title



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Another example: Bach, Chopin and others have several examples of multipart pieces that often are performed separately. I have had no luck at all getting Spotify to play, say, the third piece of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier, or Chopin's Ballade #1.  It will play the first C Major movement of Bach, and has yet to play Ballade #1 (though I can easily select it on the app itself.) This is a real issue for classical fans, and I hope some more examples will help.

Music Fan

Another issue with classical music on Spotify is that there is no standardization of composer names, so one composer is listed under multiple versions (spelling variations, translations, misspellings) of his name (for instance, there are at least eight different listings for Johann Sebastian Bach).  This makes it very difficult to find all the music by one composer.


In some cases, the composer isn't listed AT ALL under "artists", and it takes considerable detective work to search on the composer's name in the album title, or even the "song" title.


Also, there needs to be some disambiguation for the names.  There are pop artists with the same (or similar) name as a classical composer, but the music of both is listed under one artist name.  I want to be able to "follow" the classical composer, not the pop artist.  I'm sure this happens sometimes with multiple pop artists with similar names, as well, but at least the respective artists/agents are watching out for that sort of thing.


+1 this idea. Currently switched to Apple Music for better classical music support, despite Spotify has much longer history. The only advantage that spotify has over apple music currently is that the font is much smaller, so it is kind of more useful with those long titles in classical music......


My problem as a program presenter is the lack of information in the central field.  Often, the composer's indications are not there.  Also, sorting of an opera is often by the number in the act, not in the piece overall.  So, the first pieces in different acts are sorted together, e.g., 1 1 1, 2 2 2.  Bad.  Very bad.  

I would ike to be able to personalize the page.  


Really Spotify is a **bleep** (nIghtmare) for lovers of Classical Music. We feel attacked by pop lovers, with their songs, bands, and artists. Sooner or later (I hope sooner) somebody will create al alternative Company (n ot Spotify) to give a respectful service to classic music lovers.