[Music Content] Enable to filter some "music" styles / genres

Taste in music are like taste in food. Someone will love rap and hate rock'n roll. For example : I love rock, but I think rap is just **bleep**, not a music style. But it's my own opinion.


Why have I to suffer from suggestions about rap, that' so totally inefficient, will never listen, and why the other person have to suffer rock suggestions, which he will never listen ?


The killer feature for me is to be able to filter some styles of music in personal settings.


Like a "forbid which kind of music ?" with a list of styles allowed or not allowed...


So after Spotify can do better suggestions. Better suggestions, better customers satisfaction rate, so more users and more fidelity from them.

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Yes exactly.


Imagine. Eminem is rap music. Metallica is metal. David Guetta is electro. To simplify.


So, in my opinion (and only mine, don't know about others), rap is not music. Spotify is able to know similar artists, maybe thanks to the music style. If we could say "ok, please spotify, don't show me these styles : rap, r&b, hip-hop", for example. It's a genre filter indeed.


Do you understand better ?


It's really boring to have the top 50 rap artists, plus the last album of black eyed peas as the first 2 suggestions when you don't like this kind of sound. I prefer to have the last rock bestof or the top 50 of mozart instead of.

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