[Music] Digital Booklets including: Album Info / Liner Notes / Metadata / Album Credits

There have been many ideas submitted that request this feature but they get killed off for insufficient kudos.  This is an attempt to consolidate various terminology that is used to describe the same basic concept. I'm dating myself but the term I feel connects best to the idea is "Liner Notes" which comes from the days of vinyl and refers to a more or less discursive set of information that would include credits for all the musicians, engineers, etc. as well as some history and background of the key performers and perhaps the music itself.  In the classical genre there would be extensive information about the composer and the historical context of the music. With the advent of CD's this info was transferred to an insert that sometimes extended to a multipage booklet, hence the term "digital booklet" is sometimes used. A good example of this would the digital booklet included with Cecilia Bartoli's album Sacrificium featuring the music of the 16th and 17th century castrati.


The bottom line is that Spotify needs to include more "metadata" about the music especially for the genres that I am interested in such as jazz, classical and traditional folk (aka "roots").   Here is link to one of the best articles that gives the rationale for this idea specifiallly for Classical music.  It is still "under consideration" and has almost 2,ooo kudos.  I'd suggest we all vote for it and hope that it's scope is extended to include other forms of music besides Classical.


Here is a listing of previous ideas that have requested this feature using various terminology:


Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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 at every change song the screen of the iPhone should light for 10-15 seconds to display the song title and the author.
Likewise also the video spots may appear.
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Marked as new idea. While the suggestion is broad, and there are similar ideas within the Exchange, this idea will be limited to the concept of implementing a 'Digital Booklet' within Spotify, which could include information such as liner notes, historical info, art, and so forth. 

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Thanks Blake!

I feel like this is a must have feature for Spotify.


Yes, absolutely agree.


The worst thing about the shift from vinyl was the loss of the album cover and liner art.  CD's were bad enough, but Spotify rips away the serious listener's chance for a bit of total immersion...  No hints and clues about what the artist was up to, no opportunity to read the lyrics as they come flying through, no poring over who the album was dedicated to, who played on which track.  Surely it's not beyond the wit of Spotify to fix this? They earn enough money on the backs of underpaid musicians to repay them with the respect this would show.


C'mon Spotify, step up to the plate. We want full on sleeve art and liner notes - what the artists spent hours and sweated to wrap their music in.  Marks for presentation so far?  Nul pointes! 

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Such data are crucial especially for classical music.


Yes!  I'm loving Spotify so far (having just moved over from Pandora) - finding lots of new artists as well as known artists up to new things. I am always looking for more info about what I'm listening to. This piece is sorely missing 

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A good idea to be implemented by Spotify!



Also missing it a lot. Since more than a year this idea is brought up here. When will you start, spotify???

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Definitely! Art, liner notes and credits (including not only the musicians who played, but also producers) is a MUST. It's the least Spotify can do to give us users a complete musical experience, as well as grant respect to every artist involved in the industry.