[Music] Local FLAC Playback

A member of spotify team said to separate the FLAC idea post, into FLAC local playback and FLAC streaming. Someone else can create a FLAC streaming post, as I'm only after local playback. The original post with the 2 ideas in one post is here.


Vote for this post if you want LOCAL PLAYBACK OF FLAC FILES ONLY.


Spotify already plays ALAC, all be it with stability problems, but what we really need is local FLAC playback because FLAC is the defacto standard for lossless audio encoding. 7digital has recently started selling FLAC yet spotify can't play them. Why not???



The most commercially successful band on the planet (The Beatles), have released official remastered versions of all albums in 24bitFLAC format on a usb device.


Numerous bands have sold albums in FLAC format through their websites. FLAC is the defacto standard for lossless encoding, so please start supporting local playback of FLAC.


Another idea that is important to me is fixing the appalling "set the same volume level for all tracks", which doesn't take into account the subtle volume transients of an album that audio engineers spend hours working on. The following volume normalization method retains the intended volume differences as part of the album.


Updated on 2017-10-31

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to share with you the status of this request.


This was a popular request, so we thought long and hard about it. However, we’ve taken the decision not to pursue FLAC playback as we believe the time and effort it would take to implement such a fundamental change would be better spent developing other areas of the service. As a result, we’ve marked this idea as “Case Closed”.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you’ll agree that some of the cool features we’re currently working on will vindicate our decision. Please keep those ideas and requests coming! Together we can make Spotify the best it can be.


I can't believe that spotify lacks flac support. I'll just reiterate what other people have said in this thread: FLAC is an industry standard. A lot of spotify users will own FLAC songs that they've purchased from, for example, bandcamp. FLAC is a free codec, can easily be packed in the OGG container and there's tonnes of documentation out there on how to use FLAC in your software (http://flac.sourceforge.net/developers.html).


Every passing day which the spotify team isn't spending on FLAC support is a day Spotify is becoming (rapidly) more obsolete, which most likely isn't the intention at all.


Vote for FLAC (local playback)!!! would make spotify my only music player!


Spotify streaming for most use then local FLAC playback for some serious listening sessions, right now i use spotify then media jukebox for the flacs and other local playbacks. Please spotify! FLA C is great!


i've been clamouring for this since the very beginning of Spotify in the uk... i see no reason not to include open source formats such as FLAC in the system...


as mentioned many times, if they included this it would only bring more people into the platform, and increase the time people spent within the platform (i end up switching to other players, which is quite frustrating)




Agree with other users, switching players is a pain and I would love to add playlists inlcuding my local high quality flacs and spotify streaming songs.  I would love to see support for high bitrate flacs as well.  This would defintely make Spotify my one stop music solution.



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I would absolutely love to have local FLAC file playback... I have a wonderful audio setup and it would just allow me to really use spotify for my all in one media playback...  


Please add local FLAC support, would make Spotify much more useful rather than having to listen to somethings on spotify and others on musicjukebox


By not supporting local FLAC, Spotify isn't properly catering to the "audiophile" market.


It really also shouldn't be that much effort to support it as well. Please, get it done!

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I'm really hoping this wil get implemented since I have a lot of FLAC files, but unfortunatly I still have to use another player for them, while I would rather have them in my library.


Like many of your customers, I have converted all my music (LPs, a few 8-Tracks, a grocery sack full of bootleg Dead cassettes and a gazillion CDs) into just under a TB of FLAC files on their own HDD.  The 8-Tracks obviously date me as an old guy and help explain my volume of music.


Does this involve much more that adding the open-source FLAC codec to Spotify's software?  Anyway, this is your ballpark, not mine.  My point is simple.  FLAC would be an extraordinary incentive to my staying with Spotify as a paying customer.

Spotify's Local support for FLAC would hugely improve the user experience. Now It is really annoying to need to switch between programs when I want to play and listen to my music, it's also sad that my most favourite music - FLAC files - is not recognised by Spotify at all. FLAC is lossless format used by many, for playback and archiving favourite music records. Cannot Spotify afford to implement its support? What is the problem? Majority of digital media players support range of Losseless formats including FLAC. Considering streaming music in Lossless format is obviously nonsense in this time.