][Music] Make Spotify Safe While Driving

Dear Spotify,


As someone who loves to jam out in my car, I (and I'm sure many others) would love a feature that makes it safer to skip, pause, and play songs while driving. In my experience trying to find safe driving apps for music streaming, I could never find one that was compatible with Spotify. So I'd like to suggest a possible add-on or app that would make Spotify jamming safer for drivers. Maybe something with features like double-tap to pause and play, swiping left or right to skip or go back to songs, tap and hold for microphone and talk-back commands to request playlists or artists. I have an app on my Motorola called "Assist" that detects when I'm driving through GPS. Maybe a feature like that could work with this app too.


I'm sure theres a lot more to consider when making an app. I'm not too informed in subjects like this but I hope this is a helpful suggestion if ya'll need ideas on how to make it easier for users to blast "Get Low" by Lil John out their cars hands-free.


To the windooooooww to the waaaaalllll!!! Till sweat drops down my....





Updated: 2015-07-29

Hello Giselle and thanks for the feedback!

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