[Music] Opt out of Commentary Tracks

The idea has been submitted before at least twice and become inactive. Perhaps it's time for a resubmit.


For anyone who has litened to artist radio or simply played (or shuffle played) an artists collection through, if that artist includes commenatry albums  - you now have dry speaking mixed in with your music.


Yes you can make a playlist for each artists and exclude the comentary albums - but why should you have to? Spotify is for music. If you're going to add other forms of audio, users need to be able to filter it en masse. What if you decided to add audio books and found that tracks from those books turned up in term searches and played. Users would not want this - yet this is exactly what happens with commentary albums.


Just try playing Jack Johnson. Click to play the first track  - you think you're going to have a nice chill time with an endless loop of balads and laid back guitar, then - all of a sudden you get an entire album of commentaries - which sound like they were recorded on a dictaphone.


This is not a music experience. My guests raise their eyebrows and laugh, thinking I had recorded the tracks from the radio or something. I get up from the table or unlock my phone and hurriedly press skip. But the next track is also commentary - in fact there are 12 of them.


Now what if every artists decides to release a commentary track for every song - it's cheap and easy and might earn them a few extra quid. before long every second track on Spotify is commentary. I'm sure you will you do something about it then. Why not do it now?


If the labels submit the albums without any distinguishing variable that you can use to filter them, then you wil need to keep doing what you do - reinvent the way music is distributed and consumed. Simply require that commentary tracks be tagged as such and allow users to exclude them. Personally I don't ever want to hear a single commentary track on Spotify. I'll bet the majority of users would feel the same.


Spotify is the music you would have had to buy on CD, streaming seamlessly if you pay your premium membership - no adds, no DJ chit chat, just music --- oops and commentaries.



This idea has been reposted here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/All-Platforms-Discover-Disable-Commentary-Tracks/idi-p/4...


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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉
This idea wants an option to exclude commentary tracks from playing at all (radio, artist page, etc).
You might also want to add your kudos to a similar idea about excluding commentary tracks especially when shuffling an artist page here.


Yes Please! This is incredibly annoying when trying to listen to certain artists that have lots of commentary tracks.


I agree. Its quite a hassle with the commentary albums - I would like to exlude them once and for all. I usally use Shuffle on the artist page, but I can't when there are any commentary albums since it totally stops the flow of listening to the music.

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Yes it disturbs me a lot too, I think those are not music and spotify is a music platform, there is a pure conflict.

I am sure somebody loves this "Track by Track" commentary feature, but I am not among them.


Please put an option to supress the talk. It makes shuffle play useless for me




This issue makes me want to switch to a different service....

It is not only commentary but i also want to filter out Live recordings.

So try to build a mechanism where we can filter multiple things.

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The commentary tracks ruin the point of radio and artist mix, which is to let the playlist take its course with minimal interaction. With the commentary, it is very frustrating. I also agree with robertruse in that we should have the ability to also filter live, and to add, acoustic versions of songs. Honestly, it would be awesome if we could have a radio/playlist customization system where we could pick the genres we want heard, some artists we want to have in the mix, and a filter for the aforementioned content.


Please God end the commentary. 


This is especially frustrating when you like to listen to a playlist mulitple times.  The first time I heard your thought process behind the music it was interesting.  The 40th time I could give a flying f*ck.


Yes, I agree I'd love to be able to turn off commentary when I click shuffle play on an entire artist.

When I hear commentary for song x, followed by shuffle playing song y, it is completely incoherent.

I actually enjoy commentary sometimes.

So a second option would also be nice to "pin" commentary to their respective songs. 

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Is there any response from Spofity yet? It's getting really annoying.

If it's not feasible right now this feature would suffice as an alternative so we could at least ban the commentary tracks (and remixes, live tracks, acoustic versions...) manually.

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